Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Skulls in the Mail

Ooh, I got skulls in the mail yesterday. That's compared to the head that I mailed a couple of weeks ago. hee hee hee.

Look at what Jovaliquilts' Cheri sent me:

Aren't they a hoot? Love them. And just so you can see them lifesize, here they are on a shelf along with Robot Lilliput and a beautiful mug that Siobhan got me on her Polish pottery expedition.

Cheri also sent this fun Tibetan hand quilted pillowcover:

Meanwhile, Pokey checks out the quilting job on Orphan Train:

I'm feeling much happier with the world today. Knee is definitely improving - slowly - but improving nonetheless.


Carol E. said...

Love the skulls, and also the head you sent away... what DID you write on the customs sheet?

jovaliquilts said...

And how does it feel, that when people think of skulls they think of you? :0
Glad the knee is feeling better,if only slowly.

Sharon said...

Love those little skulls!
Your "Orphan Train" is looking good! And Pokey is doing her job as quilt inspector! Glad to hear the knee is better. It's not much fun when you hurt like that, so take good care of yourself. A little pampering is not out of the question. And maybe some chocolate! Hope it's all better soon!

Julie said...

How can I get some of those skulls? I just LOVE them! I am serious, I would like to know where I can buy some if they are available.
Pokey is precious!

Diane said...

It's been a long day at the computer and my brain must be addled. As I read your post about heads and skulls, I got to the part about the Tibetan hand quilted pillow cover. I studied the photo for the longest time, but never did see a hand. Good night, Gracie!

Laura said...

What fun, skulls. Not many people would get really excited over skulls. Orphan Train is looking great! Pokey always wants to get in on the fun. I think we see him/her the most. We have a cat Maggie that is 11 years old that people don't even know we have. She is never in sight.

jude said...

the skulls are great!!!

Unknown said...

At least they look like HAPPY skulls.

Purple Pam said...

I agree with Pokie, I like the orphan quilt. The skulls are quite fun. I do like the pottery from Sioban, too. I wish I could have been with her on that trip. I am glad you are feeling better. I am sure that makes for happier quilting.

Magpie Sue said...

The skulls are great :- ) You've collected some wonderful treasures from friends!

Hope the knee is improving and you can put surgery off for a few more years.

Good luck to you and your co-author with the book!