Wednesday, February 01, 2006

flat roof

I've really been enjoying wandering around the blogs and seeing some houses under construction. I know Finn and Cher have posted one each and Quilt Pixie has done a couple. Pixie accidentally sewed the sky sections on in the wrong order and ended up insetting a seam. Aaaghhh.

Let me tell ya, this lazy gal ain't gonna inset no seam. So here's a solution to that problem: whack off the top of the house. I just cropped on Picasa, so I have a straight line across the top, but it could certainly be more angular.

You could also take it even further down for an even flatter roof:

Here are some of my flat top houses. Did I make them deliberately or were they "accidents" - there's no way to know.

And Finn has been yearning for tall houses, so here's one for her:


quiltpixie said...

I love the flat roofs... For some reason I thought a peeked roof was part of what made it read as "house" for me... guess not!

I'm now thinking about wonky cars for my house's driveways. Ideas?

Finn said...

oooopd, orange sky is on higher pics..LOL. Love the ghost in the doorway. Your quilting is fabulous. Did you do the bats too? From thicker thread!

And many THANKS for some long tall house..*VBG*

cher said...

have to agree with Finn, the quilting is outstanding-you can see the fun in these photos...great variety of houses!

Kate said...

Thanks for the tutorial-- I'm surprised at how hard it is to make the first house actually wonky. My own attempt at making a freeform ladybug came out surprisingly straight and square as did most of the houses I see other people doing. It takes some practice to go crazy! Which is fun. Thanks again for the inspiration.