Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lily Investigations

My friend brought back the beautiful silk for me from Dubai. I got these half yards for what a third of this much silk would cost in the states. Woohoo. Only problem was that they didn't have any turquoise or teal, so I'll have to supplement - oh darn, more shopping.

Lily is inspecting the silk, making sure it's alright to bring into the house. One of these fabrics is a gorgeous royal purple and that just isn't coming across - looks like dark blue. But I love how the shot silk looks completely different depending on what angle you're at. The fourth fabric from the left looks turquoise-ish above, but gorgeous pink from the side.

The silks are fraying like crazy. I'm not worrying about it much since I can use the frayed bits on threadies. Definitely have to fuse on some kind of lightweight interfacing-something-or-other to keep the pieces from fraying as I sew with them.

And of course Lily had to jump up onto the cabinet to look at the new statue I bought today. It's supposedly a representation of the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet, altho usually she's depicted with a cat's head and a human body. Bastet was the goddess of joy, music, and dancing and cats were honored for that reason. That's why a whole lot of kitties ended up mummified - after a long, happy life of course. This statue is a solid piece of rock - weighs 14 lbs. Guess that's not going in the luggage.

Behind Lily you can see one of my experiments. Sort of a threadie/beadie. It's a combination of yarns, floss, buttons and beads, including scarabs. I love how it looks close up - lots of fascinating detail, which is why I enjoyed working on it. But as soon as I got it framed and looked at it from a distance - yick!!! One big globby mess. I learned my lesson. I need to have some kind of overall design with an area of white here and dark blue there - something that holds up from farther away. Live and learn.

We finished watching "House" - did like the series overall, but was disappointed when Dr Cameron got re-hired. Bleck. Actually, I still don't like any of the crew that work for him. And someone explain to me why they're the ones doing so many of the procedures. Who would you rather have - the specialist who's done thousands of whatever procedure or the dude who does one a month, if that. (It's like the crime scene techs interviewing suspects on CSI and deciding who gets arrested. I don't think so.)

House, Wilson and Cutty are excellent. And I know Stacy the ex will be on the next season (which you all already have in the states) but I haven't seen any of those yet.


Lucy said...

What a beautifull silk and what a beautifull lily :c)

Tropical Screamer said...

Wow, I can almost feel those colors throught the monitor. And I so love Bastet.

Did you guys catch your fly? Luckily, we've only had three big, crunchy bugs in the last seven years. And Tigger and I have whisked them outside very quickly.

Hugs to the furry ones.

Lily said...

I was wondering what you'd do with the silk! The thought of slippery fabric is frankly a little terrifying! Good tip on the fusible facing.

Love the pic of Lily with Bastet. (Hope you didn't explain to Lily the concept of cat mummification - might be a little disconcerting for the poor dear!)

Dawn said...

Oh that statue is gorgeous! Even from me - "not so fond of cats"! And the silk is gorgeous too, but I don't what I would ever do with it!

Debra Dee said...

Lily is a very cultured cat. Your silks make me salivate. I must stop looking or the keyboard will drown.

Finn said...

Beautiful colors...can't wait to see what you do with them. Lucky you getting them for such a good price..*S*

Barb Vedder said...

Love the picture of Lily with your silks. Small world, I have a dear friend in Chicago with a cat named Lily with similar coloring - her cosmi twin. The silks are lovely, I'm sure you'll do something wonderful with them.

Bonnie said...

The silk looks GORGEOUS! I can see the shimmer from here, so I know they must be really rich in person.

Are you getting ready for your FL trip yet? I've been crazy running here....not even time to work on my own stuff!


Darcie said...

Ooh, Lily has good taste! Who wouldn't want to curl up with luscious silk and feel it within one's hands (paws)?

Can't wait to see what you do with the silk!

I think you're threadie/beadie is delightful. Anything that sparkles and shimmers is a thumbs-up from me!

Have a safe, warm, and relaxing vacation, Tonya!

YankeeQuilter said...

Love the silk...I'm sure you'll find lots of stuff to go with it stateside!

Have a great vacation!