Sunday, October 02, 2005

little devil thready

In the ongoing saga of my trip to London, turns out my sweetie works for an incredible person who is going to allow him to have the time off to go with me. Gonna be a pain for him since he'll get back from the states and then have to leave for London. He's my sweetie tho and he wants to go. That's already making me feel better. So I'll be around a bit longer to post Halloweeniness for you.

Here's the little devil thready I was talking about in my 30 Sept post. I haven't done any work on it since then, but will get back to it now that I've finished "Lost." I had to watch the screen whenever that show was on so it was a very bad one to work to. Now I have to wait another whole year to see more?


Finn said...

Oh are doing another one from the face fabric ! I do love red and purple together. My friend Betsy love orange and purple, so we got it covered..LOL.
This is such a neat idea....I love the missing corner.

Darcie said...

Cute li'l devil, Tonya.

I'm a "Lost" fan also. But if it makes you feel any better...I feel that this season (2 episodes thus far, I think) is pretty slow. As usual though, they give me just enough to keep going back for more!

I'll be thinking of you while you're "updating" your knee! ;-) But I'm sure you'll post before then, right?