Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Deep Rising

I'm in a good mood today, despite a visit to the dentist who tells me my bridge is going to have to be replaced one of these days, entailing two root canals and five visits. Oh and buckets of money. sigh.

A very good quilting friend is back in town again after a loooong summer away in the states. I'm sure she was having fun where she was, but I sure missed her. So having lunch with her offset the dentist-badness of the day.

Last night I watched one of my favorite bad movies "Deep Rising." It's not bad really, at least I don't think so. But lots of other people think it's atrocious so this probably goes in my fun cheesy sci-fi category. It has some of my favorite elements: the mercenary ship captain who asks no questions about cargo, the evil beasties intent on wiping out everyone one by one, and some great funny character acting by Kevin J O'Conner, who played much the same role in another favorite, "The Mummy, " also directed by Stephen Sommers.

While watching my show, I worked on the little devil thready. Just posting it so anyone who is interested can see how it goes together. This is another couple of hours more work since the last time I posted a pic of the little dude. I did fit a bit of red for a tongue in his mouth and I have most of his eyes filled in so that they stay large. Otherwise I'm trying to distribute the stitches fairly evenly.


Dawn said...

You and all your halloween things! Your crazy! But gives me a smile!

Finn said...

He's awesome Tonya..I do like that you are doing more than one of these faces..a series of sorts.
And hurray for the return of the friend..that always helps! At least it helps me..*G*
Sorry to hear about the ugly dentist episode..ug..dental work and big bucks...bluuuuuck!!!

Samantha said...

FYI Tonya, my hubby saw Serenity on Monday, and liked it quite a bit. SO I imagine you won't be disappointed!