Sunday, October 09, 2005

Halloween kitties

Now I have a cold. I'm not real thrilled about this development. My true fear is that it will stick around and fester in my head and cause problems when I fly out in a week. Sigh.

Last night I had the vaporizer turned on and wanted to sleep with the door closed to keep all the steam in. Lily tho was determined she had to sleep with me anyway, even w/o acces to a litter box. I let her stay for awhile, but eventually had to get up and boot her out of the room. She scratched forlornly on the door for awhile, but I wouldn't let her back in. I'm mean.

Don't ask me why, but Lily LOVES to sleep right next to me. Preferably when I'm lying on my side with my arm out and she stretches out next to me with her head and front paws on my arm and I rub her belly. She purrs and purrs and purrs. Don't think she'd ever get tired of it - I'm always the one that quits first. If I roll over she gets up and moves next to me - she wants contact.

She's incredibly sweet for wanting to sleep with me. I'm a horrible person, but I hate it. It makes me feel constricted - I'm a tosser and a turner. I need my space to sleep in. At least while my sweetie is gone there's more space for the two of us. I'll often wake up in the morning on the far side of the bed from where I started - she chases me off the edge.

Since I'm talking about kitties, decide to post a couple of recent pics of my babies. They aren't really babies - they're a year and a half old now. But they've stayed small and heck, they'll always be my babies. Here's Pokey as part of the Halloween display:

I wasn't going to post overall pics of my Halloween extravaganza until I'd done all the individual parts, but what the heck. You'll see close-ups of my work later. Assuming you come back, of course.

And here are Lily and Pokey all cuddled up together. I thought it was really cute the way Pokey's back leg was thrown over her sister. They're on top of my Halloween lap quilt that gets used year round.


Tracey said...

I hope that cold gets over with REAL soon. Take care of YOU....let Lily and Pokey do the cleaning. ;o)

Scrapmaker said...

Cute kitties, great Halloween display. Hope you feel better soon! Jen

Darcie said...


Sorry about your sniffles! You may want to try LOTS of Vitamin C...2000 mg, 3 times per day...with lots of water. It may sound like too much, but our family does this all of the time...and colds usually just hang around a couple of days.

Is chicken noodle soup or broth an option? A little ground cayenne sprinkled in clears the sinuses.

Or, I mix up a "tea" with equal parts honey and lemon juice, enough water to make a cup, and then a tiny sprinkling of cayenne. I know that it may not sound great...but it really gets that "stuff" loosened up and draining. And it really tastes better than it sounds.

Love your girls! I don't understand people that don't like sweet, furry creatures.

And your Halloween display is awesome! I'll have to show my kids. (Thanks for giving me hope, too!) ;-)

Tropical Screamer said...

What cute babies. My "baby" is 11. Here's a link to his page:

He's a spoiled brat. :)