Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

I've been trying to post some images all day, but Blogger hasn't been cooperating. I'm afraid I'm not done with Halloween - ya'all are gonna get at least another week of it from me. I feel like I've been deprived of two weeks of my favorite holiday, so there's no way I'm quitting yet.

It was nice being in England tho - some of the pubs and bookstores had Halloween decorations up. Of course there were far more stores with Christmas decorations in the front displays, but I enjoyed seeing that enough that I forgive it for being up TOO early.

I did some chores today, read my current book, "The Closers" by Michael Connelly (a last minute airport buy when I realized I was going to finish the one I was reading. Somebody tell my why it's already out in the UK in paperback, but won't be in the states until February.), and gave lots of attn to the kitties.

Sweetie and I watched "An American Werewolf in London" tonight. Just kinda had to, what with today being Hallowe'en and us having just visited London and several locations that the movie filmed in. Tottenham Court Road tube station certainly looks much nicer now with it's glass tile mosaic. It's a fun movie, just wish the director hadn't lost his mind and gone for the ultra-violent ending. It was great up until then...


Dawn said...

I missed you so much Tonya!!!! Welcome back! And you know, your halloween stuff certainly inspired me since before I never liked anything halloween!

Have you seen the new Amnetyville (sp?)Horror movie? Part of the town scenes were filmed here in my home town in IL! But I hate scarey movies so I can't watch it!

My daughter says it isn't much anyway!

Oh and I posted some Halloween Pets on my blog for you today!

Darcie said...

If I ever watch "An American..." again, I will certainly take much closer account of the scenery!

There's a radio station that I listen to alot if I happen to be driving in the know me...gotta get up early and get 'er done.... Anyway, it's the Jonathon and Mary show...Mary travels to London all of the time and she comes back and talks about the pubs that she visited. They sound intriguing...lots of people watching material! ;-}

Happy Hollows Eve, Tonya! Glad you're back!