Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Howloween

Let me start off by saying, yes this is a lousy photo - all the sides got cut off so there are only half spiders along the top row and half a zombie hand on the right side. And the year I pieced it got cut off too - 2001. Gotta make do with what I got. This quilt is in storage, so no close-ups or better pics available. Sorry.

This is the quilt that Bad to the Bone fell out of. You'll see I made another skeleton to replace him, altho I didn't go so far as to repeat the words.

On this quilt I wanted to practise making figures (my witch turned out much better this time) as well as play more with the letters. I practised making heads, hands, and eyes. It was lot of fun. I like how the eyes turned out, with the creepy slit pupils.

I got this longarm machine quilted by someone other than Bonnie. Wasn't thrilled with the results - there were rather large areas left unquilted. Sigh. I went back in with floss and did some handquilting so that there wouldn't be big puffy spots.


Tracey said...

Wow,'ve cranked out some really cool looking Halloween quilts! I'm ashamed to say that I have NONE. I"m such a slacker. :o(

Thanks for sharing though...and your quilting is awesome!

Dawn said...

Oh Tonya - these are just too cool!