Thursday, October 06, 2005

Halloween quilters?

So are Halloween quilts really that rare? They seem to be scarce in blogger land.

I was browsing thru blogs and discovered Artful Quilters' Diane has made a Halloween quilt with houses built in the Gwen Marston and Jan Mullen's tradition. Diane has a great Halloween cotton crazy she's just finishing up too. I love looking at the fabrics and seeing which ones I have.

So how about the rest of you?


Finn said...

Hi Ton, I'm comin', I'm comin, I haven't abandoned ya...*VBG* So happy to know you are here...haven't taken a pic yet of my doomed-to-wander orphans quilt as yet.
Trying to slog through the events of this week...which are NOT how this pre-birthday week is suppose to be !
I have 3 days in northern MN(annual quilting retreat) coming up beginning tomorrow..and hopefully that will sweep the "mess" of the past few days away.
Haven't packed, don't know what my projects are, etc, etc, etc...LOL..but, ya know?? Why bother? Why worry, don't worry, BE HAPPY !!! Hugs, Finn

Dawn said...

pfffft... ok I"ll post my version of a halloween quilt.... you'll laugh!

Tonya R said...

Finn, when is your birthday? Mine is the 11th. Enjoy your retreat.

Dawn, I need a good laugh :)