Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Halloween Houses quilt details

I'm in a particularly expansive mood today, so here are some more quilting details, whether you want them or not. I had no idea of how to make a pelvis for the skeleton, so I winged it. That is the essence of folk art, as far as I'm concerned. You all know that's a skeleton whether it's pelvically-challenged or not.

The words "Best Witches" were quilted with all six strands of orange embroidery floss so that they would really stand out. Otherwise I used three strands for the quilting. I figured you'd like to see a better shot of my poor mutant witch. I tried to embroider a face on her, and it just looked terrible. So I gave her some hair and a waving stick arm and left it at that. Bet you knew that was a witch - she has the appropriate headgear. And it does say witch right below her...

Some mummy loves you, of course.


Finn said...

Hey Ton..I love your wonky house.
AND your wonky witch! AND the orange and purple! And the lettering, both pieced and quilted in looks awesome.
I'm so glad you felt expansive today !!
Makes me itch to get out my box of halloween fabric and PLAY !! Keep this great stuff coming..*G*

I just lost my entire post again, to the gremins at Blogger..loading error..so I may try again later, or I might just lose me-self..*G*..and play with scraps.
Everything...just yummy !!!!

Dawn said...

Oh my GOSH! These are even cooler!

Samantha said...

Have you ever checked out ideas from Stargazey quilts? http://www.stargazey.com/home/index.htm
I love their free form!

Cindra said...

I just found you site through Melody Johnson's through someone else's. Love your creations. Do you do a mix of hand and machine quilt?

Tonya R said...

Thanks for the compliments. Sam, yes, I like Stargazey quilts. I've never made a quilt entirely in that style tho, just borrowed ideas.

Cindra, thanks for stopping by. I primarily machine piece and hand quilt. I occasionally do some hand applique and have someone else do some machine quilting for me. I've done a wee bit of machine quilting and decided it's definitely not for me.