Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Basting

I'm thread basting Slither Eek Boo and it's taking freaking forever. No wonder I've turned to safety pins in recent years. I think this is the wrinkliest I've ever gotten the backing too, and that's saying something.

My baby Pokey is spending far too much time under the bed in the mornings (oh no, captured and taken to the vet's!) and I've discovered that is a great time to get things done without kitty interference. If this sweetness can be called interference.

I have several more miles of basting to do, but I've got all three layers roughly secured so I can fold the quilt up and put it away. Whew, that way I only have to do a few hours a day. The Tour de France has been surprisingly dull - even in the Pyrenees - but it's good for basting to.

I decided to make my stringy hope quilt bigger. Thanks to Sharon, it's now named Hope Strings Eternal. hee hee hee. I've gotten a few more letters made (and more scraps bagged) but the progress is slow.

A bunch of quilty links to share with you today.

Have you seen California Girl in Oz Diane's wordy star quilt? It's a fabulous present that I'm sure will be treasured and loved.

How about Master of Patience Lynda's wonderful crumb quilt? I love it - so glad it's a present for someone who appreciates quilts! There are some wonderful scraps in there - a grown-up I-Spy quilt.

New blogger Pokeytown Kim showed off her fun crumb and letters baby quilt - lots of fun for baby to look at. I haven't been able to comment on Kim's blog for several days, but maybe someone in a different browser can - I'm on Safari.

Not Just Nat is working on a really fun bright happy words quilt. It's wonderful AND I love her blog header too!

Can't find your way around in a house? Maybe you need helpful door sign a la Janet at Quilt Crazy.

I hope I'm caught up with links now and didn't forget any. sigh. I still haven't caught up on my blog reading from when I took the month of June "off."

Looking for good tv to watch this summer? I've already blathered about Burn Notice (love it - more Sam please) and The Closer (gack that last episode with the neighborhood shooting was preachy) so you know I recommend those.

But how about Eureka? It's now in its fourth season and is as fun as ever. You don't need a lot of backstory to get caught up (though the earlier episodes are great - try them too). Eureka is a town of geniuses working on secret government experiments that frequently go wrong. Try it, it's nice, light, and very entertaining.


Jandi said...

I love your quilts!

Anonymous said...

Love Eureka! And if you like that show, sci fi just aired a new show this past week called Warehouse 13. It was great. Fun, secret government stuff like Eureka.

be*mused jan said...

I'm with you on the basting, Tonya. That wedding quilt almost killed me! ;-)
This quilt looks like so much fun. Can't wait to see it after you've added some quilting to it.

Kim said...

Well aren't you sweet to mention me on your blog :0) thank you and also for being such an inspiration to my quilting. Every time I visit my imagination is sparked with new ideas.

I've messed with my blog so maybe now it is more visitor friendly....I am truly a moron on the computer and only my sweet husband makes it possible for me to use the darn thing....he's a 33 year and counting IBM engineer.

Happy Sewing,

Beena said...

I have some pretty interesting ideas about basting that involve spray from a can, and sometimes gravity (don't ask about the gravity part...please don't!)!!! But I applaud anyone who takes the time to do these things the right way, even though it takes longer. The quilts I've quilted that were thread basted were the easiest to work with. I have to admit that, even with the can still in my hand.
Thanks for all the links, and I hope Pokey comes out from under the bed and gets used to the trips to the vet. The poor,sweet baby!

Notjustnat said...

Keep seeing my HISS block in your quilt. I am so very proud to be part of your quilt. Thanks for mentioning my blog on there and I already have some visitors from it. I love that Pokey is feature in everyone of your posts. I hope she is better and will be for ever and ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep slaving away, you'll get that quilt basted, then on to the fun stuff!

I watch Burn Notice sporadically, but I agree about more Sam. Did you watch him in "Brisco County, Jr."? It was a western, but a very non-traditional western. Extremely funny!

Loris said...

The quilts are lovely but they really look good with Pokey sitting on them. She is a sweet heart.

Clare said...

Mine won't be as big as yours, but big enough to make the basting a "suppose I must do it, but do I really have to" job. There'll be a lot of "pulling" going on.

How about pining first and then basting, or taping the back to the table with masking tape? I personally pin the back to the bed with those 2 inch long quilting pins!

Judy in Michigan said...

I'm glad to see that Pokey seems to like my Rattle block! I'm also honored to have one of my blocks in your quilt. Now I'm whispering to you, have you seen HUNG on HBO? It is pretty funny and naughty at the same time. Thanks for the links - I've gotten some good wordy ideas!!

YankeeQuilter said...

For some reason basting doesn't bother me as much as putting in and taking out pins...I always end up with multiple bleeding fingers!

Nancy M said...

Pokey sure is helpful :}}}
Have you tried basting with a curved needle? Make sure your quilt is layed out on something that can take a pin prick. Like a plastic top craft table. It makes the basting go so much faster.

Magpie Sue said...

I've got to call Comcast and find out why we aren't getting the Syfy channel anymore. I really enjoyed Eureka the few times I managed to catch it. What about Warehouse 13? Have you seen it yet?


happy basting! looks good!

Cher said...

some quilting chores are just not as fun as is looking good however! We are watching season two now of Burn...still enjoying it. Will add Eureka to our watch list.
I have not been touching anything quilty...still too much on the computer!