Thursday, June 14, 2007

Harry Potter Posters

Sorry, this is just going to be a quicky post. I had no internet yesterday, which threw me off my game. At least this time I didn't call my husband in tears and I now know how to restart the system.

These are a couple of Harry Potter movie posters that are now up in the metro. I love seeing something so familiar that's just a bit different.

This poster was down by the Louvre. I think. The Hogwarts Express is making an appearance at the Gare du Nord train station here in Paris. At least I assume that's what they mean by "visitez le train." I'm not actually geeky enough to go. Well, okay I would be if I didn't think the place was going to be mobbed.

Today I got a bit of sewing done (actually more rotary cutting) on those Orange Peel arcs that I showed you in my last post. I know how I'm going to put them together. Mostly.


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing the poster pics. I'm geeky enough to go, but the crowds probably will be terrible, you're right.

AmysBabies said...

Great posters! I would certainly be geeky enough to go if I didn't agree about the place being mobbed

Candy Schultz said...

I can't stand mobs either but I would love to be there. That would be so cool. Do I sound like I am 55 years old?

Clare said...

Have I told you about A's aversion to anything Harry Potter which is translated into French. She has tried the books and watched the first 2 films (dubbed). She says something gets lost in the translation.

Cher said...

can't wait to see what you do with those Karen Stone curve you know, I am playing with circles/curves this year-once the wedding quilt project is off my plate!

Anonymous said...


We've setup a blog at wordpress for harry potter posters, would you be able to post some comments about the french posters?