Friday, June 15, 2007

Kitchen Confidential

I had the yummiest lunch today. First an entree (which still makes me think of the main course not the appetiser) of ripe--but not too ripe--canteloupe, a dry ham like proscuitto and a balsamic dressing. My Plat du Jour was hot Black Forest Ham and seasoned potatoes covered with melted Raclette cheese. Sooo good. And that's at a little restaurant a couple of blocks from us. It is far too easy to eat well here.

The restaurant was sweet and gave us a free appetiser of oysters. I'm trying to not be squeamish and learn to eat new foods, but it pretty much tasted just like I always figured an oyster would: salty snot. Bleck. I've tried it, not gonna do it again.

I've also finally tried the Rillette du Porc that my husband just loves. It's basically melted down pork. No seasonings or smoky flavor, at least that I can detect. Pork and pork fat. My husband drools just thinking about it. I decided I'd rather have butter or olive oil or Boursin... And we tried some Pate de Campagne too. Hmm, tastes like liver, not for me either.

By the way, sorry for any mispellings above. I have basically given up trying to spell things in any language.

Now about the tv show Kitchen Confidential. It's funny, it's about food, and it has a great cast, what more do you need? Jack Bourdain is a talented chef whose addictions effectively ended his career. Too much sex, drugs, women. Four years and an AA recovery later, he's given a second chance to run Nolita, an upscale restaurant. He reassembles his old team who are used to the ways of the old Jack, not the new one.

As I said, great cast. I'm not going to name them all, but you've got Will Tippin and Xander to start off with. John Francis Daley who was the sweet scrawny geek Sam Wier on Freaks and Geeks has grown up yet is still charmingly awkward. Vaughn, Inara and Sharona all make guest appearances. John Laroquette appears in one excellent episode as Jack's mentor, who has decided to eat himself to death. Very funny.

The tv show is based on Tony Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential, which you know I love. I'm looking at the Table of Contents right now and the chapter headers pretty much sum up the tv show: Food is Good, Food is Sex, Food is Pain. Characters and incidents from the book appear in the show and like Tony, Jack is anti-vegetarian, anti-brunch and a heavy smoker. Somehow I don't think the real Bourdain would be in AA, but that's just my guess.

I'm rather amazed at how much swearing, innuendo and sexual situations they got away with on network tv. This was a show that should have been on HBO. Probably wouldn't have gotten killed off so quickly, that's for sure.

Watch the show and let me know what you think. I think I still would list the first two seasons of Chef as my all-time favorite restaurant comedy, but it's got the huge advantage of being British. (I'm an anglophile living in the wrong country).

Time to go watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with my husband. You all have a great weekend.


Finn said...

Hi Ton, your lunch does sound delish...the samplings, not so much! Oysters have nothing to fear from me..yuk! Smoked is another story tho...LOL

Azkaban is playing at my house also..I'm up to movie 3, can only take about 1/2 of one a day...*G* You sure do see more and more with repeated watchings...what a great set they work varied and many that! I'm going to work on the yuletide orphans with the little group that wants to try it this time...I'll save the 'other' stuff til you come out to play. Have a great weekend! Hugs, Finn

Dianne said...

You're killin' me, Ton! We seem to have a dearth of good restaurants where I live now. Still, I'm with you on oysters...just never saw the big appeal, plus I hate liver in ANY of its forms. I do love rilettes, though.

Still envious of your access to Netflix, too. Still, I'm finishing up season 2 of Lost, so all is not lost...yuk, yuk, yuk!

candyschultz said...

I have tried oysters every way possible and I agree with you. It is the texture that I cannot stand. I think I have given them a good run and they are off my list. Now snails - - mmmmm.

Is that the show that was on tv for awhile. It did not last. I loved it and did not see why it disappeared. I am a major foodie. Maybe there are not enough of us yet.

Sassenach said...

The Little Admiral and I also went out for dinner this evening. She had the swiss steak and a vanilla shake; I had a cheesburger and iced tea. Salty snot is not on the menu.

Bourdain was on the first episode of Top Chef this week. The entire second season was playing on Bravo Wednesday and I got hooked.

Lily said...

Watch out for that raclette cheese Ton. I fell pregnant just after eating that very dangerous stuff!

Clare said...

Rillettes - yummmm. There are chicken and duck ones too. The chicken one is less fatty. As for pate de campagne, try different ones. They aren't all the same as it depends what's in it. The one made by Madame Nicholas next door is delish! Never tried Oysters as DH is a wimp and won't let me by a box.

Forgive me for being dense, but I have never heard of Kitchen Confidential. Chef yes. Oh and you must see this series of Dr Who. It is the scariest ever! Alex and I take it in turns to hide behind the sofa.

Tiffany Stokes said...

The Prisoner of Azkaban is my absolute favorite Harry Potter movie! And here I thought I was the only quilter on the planet who liked sci-fi/fantasy. I can't wait for the new movie & book to come out...I know what I'll be watching/reading in July.