Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paris Souvenirs

The poster for "Boulevard de la Mort" the new film by Quentin Tarantino. I guess they decided not to show the whole Grindhouse experience here.

Boulevard of Death. Rather appropriate for Paris. I can't believe some of the driving and street crossing I've seen here. Oh, the little person is red - that must mean it's time to cross the street with small child in tow. Reminds me of being back in Cairo except that motorcyclists here wear helmets as they drive down the sidewalk and they're riding alone - no families. Actually that's not fair. I never saw a motorcycle on an Egyptian sidewalk, which are generally knee high probably for that very reason.

Who would have thought that right across from the Louvre are treasure troves of kitsch and tacky souvenirs. Paris panties anyone?

All the stalls set up (and usually jammed with tourists) remind me of the souq in Cairo.

How about an Eiffel Tower keychain?

These are photos from my 3 June trip.

Today I went to my new doctor. Hurrah, she turned out to be English. I didn't know that ahead of time. That's one big step taken. I think the next is the post office and then getting a haircut.

I saw a strange sight today. A swarm of teenage girls armed with cameras swooning in front of a cafe, or maybe it was a hotel. Not quite sure what was going on, but looked like a boy band was in town.

In excellent news, my little girl cats were sweet together last night - lots of grooming and then they cuddled up together. That's a huge relief.

Got the third disc of Freaks and Geeks in the mail today. Woohoo, excellent television to quilt to.

I've got a couple of links for you to check out. First, Margaret has antique quilts made by author Lucy Boston shown in a post here. I think the Moon and Stars quilt is incredible. Most of the quilts are on display at Boston's house in Cambridgeshire, England - looks like another spot that needs to be added to the travelling quilter's itinerary.

Katie at Mismatched Quilter has been making some awesome free-pieced letters. She added her own touches - rounding off corners and starting her Os with pentagons. She's also playing with orphans. Lots of fun, go take a look.


kristin L said...

Fun kitsch, but I'm going to have to pass on the Paris panties. I remember when I spent a month and a half in Paris way back when (in art school) and it was summer, so the Tour de France was on. A girlfriend and I were standing on the Champs d'Lysee for the big finish and we overheard a buzz near us start chattering excitedly about an "Acteur Americain." We looked up, and sure enough David Hasselhof was on a hotel balcony across the street. I don't think the man ever had the following in the US that he had/has over here in Europe! (Maybe he was the one in the cafe?)

meggie said...

Hi Tonya, I have just 'met' you for the first time. I cant believe I havent before!
I have enjoyed reading your posts, & love that bluesey quilt, whatever border you use on it in the end.
I will be back to enjoy your posts again.

atet said...

Um, I have one of those keychains. I bought it almost 20 years ago. Across the street from the Louvre. At the time, no Paris undies -- but tons of kitschy t-shirts.

Hope you get some allergy relief and enjoy your Freaks and Geeks sewing time!

AmysBabies said...

I have one of those keychains too! My dad gave the blue one to my son a few years ago. On the scale of things you don't want to step on in the dark it is actually worse than both Barbie shoes and Legos

candyschultz said...

I just got The Amish Quilt. Another one I plan to actually read.

Maria Peagler said...

Hi Tonya -
Enjoy the irreverence of your quilting and your attitude. It's been my dream to travel to Paris, but haven't done it yet. I live vicariously through your photos. I can't imagine what it would be like to live so close to the Louvre. I'm afraid my family would never see me - I'd just camp out there.

We also enjoy a fondness for Gwen Marston. I took two workshops from her in April and she was a lovely lady, and her knowledge of the history of quilting was amazing. I was more impressed with Gwen than with any other teacher I've had in a long time.

Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Another fun trip with you. I know your probably busy scoping out that boy band!

Dordogne Clare said...

Are you awake yet? Were you kept up all night by the Fete de Musique near La Tour? I was watching it on France 2, thought of you and wondered if you were joining in the fun. The Fête is an annual thing with events throughout France. When we first arrived the groups/singers were really good - Johnny Halliday, Natasha St Pier, Florent Pagny (you should listen to his voice), but now it is all hip hop/rap and not easy listening. Alex, of course, bouncing around all over the place, but I got the quilting out and tried to block out the sound!!!!!

It was probably one of those hip hop/rap/R&B bands that was in the café.

Paris kitsch - yuk! Think back to when those shops were "boutiques" full of beautiful fabric, glass, china and furniture to entice the aristocracy in. Glad your doctor is English. Mine is too and oh the relief after 7 years struggling in French.


Holly said...

Hey Ton, thanks for the picture walking tours. I *am* living vicariously through you. Love what became of your orange peel arcs. I feel the same way about oysters - your description is dead on! Hope you are getting some relief from your allergies.

Jane Ann said...

Those little Eiffel Towers make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments for my travel-themed tree. I've bought quite a few at those very shops over the years. Gee, I missed the panties though.

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