Friday, April 06, 2007

Threadying Away

Color Thready on 4 April (taken with a flash)

Color Thready 5 April

And today. I don't know how much difference you can see from one pic to the next, but the thready is coming along. I'm working with a limited palette - I only have about 25 different colors of embroidery floss. Previously when I've made these I've had a lot more than that.

While I'm working on it, it's very easy to get lost. It looks really cool close in. Pay no attention to the cat hair. I can't help getting that in there. I didn't measure before I started working the floss, but right now the piece is measuring 6.5" square-ish. It was at least an inch bigger than that before.

The back looks cool too. I just weave the ends in - no knots. I learned the hard way what a problem they can be everytime you sink your needle into them.

Patti asked what thread I use for quilting. Take a look at my thread tutorial on - it may answer your questions. If you want to know about a particular quilt, just ask.

I was blissed out today watching Season 3 of Entourage. I get a real kick out of that show. And watched the first ep of The Shield Season 5. That show depresses the hell out of me, but boy what a cast and I can never figure out what is going to happen. Now if they just keep Dutch away from the cats, we'll be cool and I'll keep watching. I was refusing to watch after Season 3, but they pulled me in with Glenn Close.

Top Design really pulled its head out of you know where and is now really good. I highly recommend the last three episodes. You know how easy it is to catch repeats on Bravo, so go do it.

And Maggie, I went to the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore last December (see post here) and loved it.

My sweetie has now made our plane reservations so if all goes smoothly I'll see him soon and then we'll have April in Paris. Isn't that a movie title or maybe a song?


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love this, I'm definitely going to have a try. Happy Easter, Tracey

Dawn said...

I love your thready. The colors are great! Those are just really fun. You sure have a talent for that!

atet said...

I love the colors in your thready. It almost makes me want to re-think my bias against hand work. Almost. Kind of. Maybe?

Woo hoo -- April in Paris -- *sigh* want to trade for April in the midwest -- projected snowfall and all?

YankeeQuilter said...

I love the texture in the threadies. A very colorful darning project!

KCQuilter said...

Oooh, loving your thready! Great tip about weaving in the threads on the back instead of knotting. I love those stitches (seed stitching? chicken stitching? can't remember what it is called) but always get frustrated at the back of the quilt!!! I'm right there with you about Glenn Close on The Shield. She made that show. Wish they'd bring her back.

Karen said...

Very happy for you and the kitties re the plane reservations and Paris approaching.

Juliann said...

so happy that the Paris plans are coming together - and your thready is so very cool! love the thread tutorial too

anne bebbington said...

Glad your Paris plans are coming ever closer - bet you can't wait to be together - hope it all goes like clockwork

patti in florida said...

your thready is coming along wonderfully. thanks for answering my thread question. your pictures of your cats is the exact way my cats help me. loved it. so glad you will be in paris with hubby soon. take care. patti

cher said...

oh this thready sure makes my heart sing...fabulous colors as always Ton.
What a great way to use up precious scraps and do handwork at the same time. Another great inspiration-thanks! We were in Paris in May-wonderful time of the year-so happy to hear you have an exact date to look forward to now.

takinanap said...

this work is so 'julia caprara.' love your technique. will definitely try it.

geez, you were at AVAM in december... i was still working there then. i probably walked right past you.

nancy josephson teaches classes there from time to time and is quite a good teacher - patient, creative, freeing.