Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another Finish

I finished quilting Fruit Punch this morning. Woohoo. That's Lily's tail sticking out - she loves to get under quilts, fabric, clothes, sheets, you name it. She's UnderCat (although she doesn't fight crime like UnderDog, for you fellow 1970's cartoon watchers).

Habibi apparently decided that the only way to get his picture taken is to be right in the middle of my sewing. (It's hard to be so unphotogenic - the little ones get all the camera attention.)

I have some Os now to put with my Xs (the ones that haven't been cast aside that is). The final quilt won't look anything like this - there isn't a chance in hell I'll play with Y-seams.

I'm contemplating sewing on strips to make units bigger here and there, but I love the way it looks when these blocks touch each other. Something to comtemplate. I'm not photographing on a white background anymore - I think that skews how I look at the colors and how they're working together. Beige works better for this (there's no chance I'd want to add beige to the quilt, whereas white was kind of appealing).

I watched the movie Infamous this morning about Truman Capote. Very well done. Incredible cast, tho it really irks me to see all these fabulous actresses in such bitty roles and yet not starring in films of their own.

On a more somber note, I know my dry cat food is safe for the kitties (Iams - no wheat gluten and NOT made by Menu foods). Hope all dog and cat owners living in the states have checked to make sure their pets' food is safe.


joyce said...

I really like the way they are all touching. Maybe you can just add bits where they don't quite meet.

Shellie said...

I love the feel of the blues and greens. I've got to agree; I like the look of them touching.

atet said...

I can see how the white would be appealing, but I'm going to chime in here and agree that the look of all the blues and greens touching works.

Clare said...

Just more strips of the same colours oui? I love Capote (the first film) and haven't had a chance to see the sercond one yet. Is it along the same story line - In Cold Blood - or does it deal more with his life?

What's this about dried cat food?

Duyvken said...

I love everything, as usual. I particularly love the quilting. How are you going to bind it?

fux said...

I'm enchanted.
Beautiful, beautiful!
Francesca from Italy

Laurie Ann said...

Lovin' the blue and green kisses and hugs. Nice!!!

Judy said...

My food is not tainted wheat germ either, the old stuff or the new stuff. We are now on the Hills Perscriptions Diet w/d brand to keep Pixel from getting any more calcium oxcilate stones.

The kittys are so cute!

Kathie said...

Lots of excitement! The Thready piece is very intriguing--keep up the good work on this. I agree with everyone else--I love all the busy-ness of the Xs and Os touching each other. And a new blog venture! Congrats and good luck.