Monday, April 02, 2007

Color Thready and Ibis Applique

I needed a project to do by hand, so I started a new thready last night. Thready is my name for an embroidery where I start out with a piece of fabric and entirely cover the surface with embroidery floss in running stitches. Previously I've couched down yarns and other fibers, but not this time.

Last night I basted on bits of fabric too small to piece with, primarily batiks. I won't completely cover the fabric areas with stitches. I added more fabric after taking this pic.

And this is what it looked like just minutes ago. It's hideous and disjointed now, but there is a lot (I mean a LOT) more to do. Why is it that I love projects which have so much hand stitching or quilting in them?

My big news is that I am now a member of the Planet Textile Threads group blog. My blog goes on as usual, however my posts also now appear on the aggregate blog, along with the other members. That includes Pam RuBert which about makes me want to pass out with joy. I've been reading her blog for two years.

The reason I was chosen had a great deal to do with my love for and frequent posting about unusual textiles. I may have to rehash previous posts to get material, but at least today I've got something new for you.

This is an Egyptian Tentmaker Applique that my friend Susan bought in approximately 1982. I love the enormous ibis, much larger than the man, standing on the Nile River. I don't recall seeing appliques with borders like this one, which was appliqued, not pieced.

A lotus flower and an Eye of Horus.

A closeup of the ibis.

And three tiny pyramids off in the distance.

I haven't been feeling especially great the last few days. I think I now have too much thyroid medication in my system. I thought it would give me all sorts of energy and I'd get so much accomplished but instead I just feel jittery and overcaffeinated (which I'm not). Should have the lab results back tomorrow so the doc can adjust my meds.


Juliann said...

Your thready project looks like great fun - congrats on the group blog - I am glad you will continue to post because you widen my world and I feel like I learn something new from your postings.
Maybe this will be your last medication adjustment - sometimes you have to go too far in one direction before you can get to the center

joyce said...

Your new Thready project is intriguing. I'll be watching it's progress. Those Egyptians certainly can do applique. Congratulations on becoming a member of Planet Textile Threads group.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Very arty indeed, looks like fun and what a great way to utilize even the smallest of strips. Hope the medication gets sorted, Tracey

Dawn said...

That is a cool Egyptian Applique. I love the flowers to the left on it! those are awesome.

Dawn said...

Forgot to say I can't wait to see how this thready turns out. Your nuts you know....

atet said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well, but hopefully you can get the meds straightened out soon.

I love the thready and the shared pictures of the Egyptian applique. Can't wait to see what the thready ends up being -- and don't I wish I could see the applique in person!

Lois R. said...

ooops! I have a bit of catching up to do!
Love the new thready. I can't wait to see what it looks like with more work on it, cause it looks so cool right now.

Congrats on the Fruit Punch finish. It looks so great.

Do you really have to define whether your quilts/works are fine art vs. folk art? Can't it just be art? I guess it makes it easier to explain to others if you have some label that they might be able to identify with...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll have to check it out.

Sorry to hear about your jitters. Hope they get your meds straightened out soon!

Judy said...

The Thready is interesting. I'll be interested to see how it all comes out in the end.

Nope, too much doesn't quite feel like superman. It's horrid for me, makes me nauseated and feeling like any minutes my body will quiver apart and I'll have a stroke. Not fun! Take care!

Nancy said...

I love this thready and just threw away a bunch of batik trimmings. :-( wonder if I dumped the trash can yet???

Holly said...

Tonya, your color thready is sooo pretty. I love the quilting on Fruit Punch. Someday I'm going to quilt like you :)

patti in florida said...

tonya, i love your quilts and style. can you tell me what kind of thread you use for your quilting? it doesn't look like normal quilting thread. thanks much for sharing your information and talents on your blog. patti

takinanap said...

great piece with the hand stitching and scraps. hand-stitching is the best! just found your stuff.

i, too, have a hubby who is overseas for a while. been working out our love story with sock monkeys on my blog:)

read your piece about outsider art...i used to work at the american visionary art museum in baltimore. if you haven't been there, it's a must!

now in portland, maine

ForestJane said...

Fruit Punch looks great, especially the black tail at the bottom... have you ever thought about attaching a tail to one of your quilts, sort of a 'tiger in the tank' kind of effect?

I like your thready too, but couldn't get a grasp of what kind of scale it is. Is that postcard size or... table placemat size or... ?

takinanap said...

i and looking and re-looking at your thready work - which i love. trying to figure out how i can borrow your idea and make a 3-d piece. any ideas?

your pal in portland,

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