Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gray Day

I woke up to rain this morning and the sky has been nothing but gray. Bleah. This kind of weather makes me sleepy and depressed. One of the many reasons cats and I are here instead of overseas with my sweetie (where this weather is standard right now). I'll be happy to get my blue skies back, but in the meantime, I do still have a bit of sunshine here:

I'm realizing this pic looks a bit odd. The quilt is thrown on a chair which is draped in a white sheet (makes it easier to clean up kitty hair) and the wall is white too. Lily is up on the top of the chair - not hovering in midair. I like to drape my quilts across the room so that I can get a better perspective on how the quilting looks.

I've been doing more hand quilting, a bit of rotary cutting, and too much Sudoku. Really missing my sweetie, but it actually won't be that long til I see him - approx 3 weeks.


Dawn said...

3 weeks - wow! I"m happy. Is he coming here or do you finally get to go there?

joyce said...

Three weeks will go by in a flash. THe quilt is looking great. I'm relieved to know you don't have levitating cats! Lol.

Tazzie said...

Just keep at the quilting and the Sudoku, and three weeks will just flash by! I'm so happy for you!

Lisa said...

Hmmm, what is it with cats and quilts? It's a good thing they look so sweet together!

jpquilter said...

this is a quilt to perk up even a grey day

Helen said...

Love the colours. Its a great pict. white on white with the cat too! :)

Judy said...

3 weeks is pretty good! I see someone else asked if he was coming here to help you move there. Hope you get some help with 4 cats in the airport...yikes!

I still have that bag of halloween scraps ready to send when you get there too.

Holly said...

Rainy days can be dismal. Your x and o quilt colors reminds me of hot sunshine and Florida oranges :)