Monday, March 26, 2007

Blue, Green and a Bitty Bit of Purple

What Tonya should be doing today: cleaning (yet again - why does it never just stay clean?) and making a phone call (I HATE making phone calls). Has Tonya accomplished those things? No, instead it's much better to play with fabric and then go on a fabric shopping expedition (yet again - woohoo!) so as to not see the filth and the phone.

I am really missing my sweetie. It's been more than 3 months since I've seen him and I know people go much longer than that separated from their loved one, but it's still hard. He should be arriving here in Florida in less than a month. He'll get some beach time and then all of us will be off to Paris. (No, I am not taking 4 cats to the vet myself and then getting them overseas.) Not that any plane reservations have been made yet, so the dates are still up in the air.

So here I am missing my sweetie and wanting to avoid housework. Time to make another X and O (hugs and kisses) quilt. Or maybe L-O-V-E or maybe all of that combined. Choosing boy colors, not that he'd actually like these colors: too bright. Still, he won't hate these colors like he does the reds, pinks, oranges and yellows my last three quilts used.

These are the fabrics I already have. Wish I had more cyan/turquoise/blue (you've heard me whine about the desperate shortage of blues before) and I'm almost out of one of these fabrics so just gotta go and get more of it. Hopefully.

I know I sometimes make quilts with too little contrast, so I used my beloved Picasa (fabulous free photo software - go download it from Google) to check what these look like in black and white.

Works for me. I'm loving how these colors look together. In color, not black and white.

I had three wonderful phone calls this morning before a dreaded telemarketer made an appearance. The good ones were from my husband and dad (all doing well) and my wonderful friend Bonnie who is coming down for another sewing retreat next month. Woooooohooo!!!!!

Before I sign out, a quick reminder to everyone who switched to the new Blogger: if you haven't changed your email preference in your profile you're coming up as "no reply" in your comments. Everything else worked so smoothly I didn't realize there was a problem until someone let me know. So there you go.

Finally, some Smallville Season 5 geek talk. Lauri Ann (you are no-reply), yes Lana bores me too. Be interesting to see if she turns out-and-out evil. I'm still adoring Chloe and I'm glad they gave her more to do this season. I like Lois much better than I expected to but hate all this political stuff they did in the show this season. Like it's not bad enough with politics in the real world with their never-ending campaigns.


quiltpixie said...

neat idea to use photo software to check out the vlue of fabric... I may have to explore Picassa :-)

Sassenach said...

Love the color combination. It screams for a mermaid, though. :-)

joyce said...

Love the blues and greens although I wouldn't be able to resist a bit of pink or orange in there.

computerpeach said...

great fabrics - they look great.

I hear you about the missing sweetie part - mine has been gone since January 7th - coming up on 3 months for me too. Looks like it is a good chance he won't be home until mid to late May.

I am avoiding the housework pre/move stuff also. I think I need some fabric therapy.

Carol E. said...

Tonya, I love reading your blog -- love the "don't sweat it" attitude you have. Too many of us fall into that fear of the Quilt Police. Hope you get to see your Sweetie very soon. I know a long separation is very hard... I mean, I can imagine and sympathize with all who must endure it. As always, your cats are adorable. They always look so clean and soft!

atet said...

Tonya, I LOVE the fabrics for your new quilt -- but then again, I think that lime green is a neutral on most days so maybe I'm not the best person to comment. I love the idea of using picasa for checking fabric values -- a great tip.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the wonderful comments. I really appreciate the feedback and finding out I'm not the only one with a Halloween quilt that never gets put away!

Hang in there with your honey -- the wait WILL end soon. May has to get here soon -- if it doesn't and I can't finish this semester, I think I am ging to go nuts!

Mary said...

Love these fabrics - I have 3 different sets of fat quarters with similar colors that I'm trying to figure out what to do with. I'm considering a Kaleidoscope maybe with a black background. Maybe you'll come up with a better plan that I can borrow.

Anonymous said...

I love your sense of colour - the blues and greens are positively mouth watering!

Clare said...

I hear you on the house cleaning front. You do not want to step inside this place at the moment - the kitchen floor is covered in fabric fluff and as for the sewing corner .............. Couldn't agree with you more about blue fabric, but we are off to Bordeaux on Friday to visit a new quilt shop I've found *vvbs*.

Kathie said...

You must feel like you're living in limbo, just waiting for your life to restart. I've put in some time like that too--not easy. The new colors look super duper.

Dawn said...

Oh no fair - I want to play with you and Bonnie!!!! Oh you guys are going to have fun!