Friday, August 01, 2008

This Heat is Making Me Sleepy

It's been hot here. Okay, not as hot as elsewhere, but too hot for me. Nice and warm and that means naps. Kitties are napping a lot too (shocker), just not with me. Lily on a bed of need-to-be-bound quilts:

I've been doing some sewing in the morning when it's cooler. Then in the afternoon reading. I just finished Martin Cruz Smith's latest Arkady Renko book, Stalin's Ghost. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Not as great as Havana Bay and Wolves Eat Dogs, but still excellent. Always get such an insight into the Russian character, although I have no idea how accurate it really is.


dutchcomfort said...

Lily looks quite lazy!

Midas sleeps all day. He’s only awake during the night. It has been too hot in town the last couple of days. We had some lovely rain last night and everything is smelling fresh again.

jovaliquilts said...

Lazy days for sure! Hope the heat breaks for you soon. Haven't read any Martin Cruz Smith, but I'll put it on the list.

Donna said...

isn't it odd how different people react... In the heat I ust can't sleep -- I have no energy and don't want to do anything, but sleeping and staying in one position just makes me sweaty and icky feeling.... Hope the heat breaks soon and you can get out and enjoy some of hte sunshine streaming in on Midas with a walk or two :-)

Kristin Shields said...

Napping sounds good! That pile of quilts looks pretty good too!

Lynda said...

It certainly has been very hot and sticky recently. We have the perfect garden for summer weather - half gets the sun for when you want to soak it up, but the other half has trees, so you can sit outside, quilt and catch the breeze.

Fran said...

We Lost our big tree last year. It must have been 50-60 yrs. old and 70-80 ft. high. It was a Willow and I swear it was at least 10 degrees cooler under that tree. We bought a gazebo this year, it's 'cute' but it sure doesn't compare to the tree.

I don't like the heat, I'm one of those crazy people who actually prefers fall and winter. It seems to me that life gets calmer come September and I just kind of slide right into winter quite happy and relaxed.
I can quilt better when I'm not all pooped out from the heat.

Your kitties have the right idea. Mine finds a quiet spot and we don't see him all day.

As always, smiles to all :c) Fran