Sunday, August 09, 2009


One thing I can say for Florida. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. It's definitely a drawback to doing any sewing - I really have to think if I want the iron on. It doesn't help that we get so much sun in through our beautiful windows.

I got this great quilt pic from Teresa C. who's allowing me to share it with you. These were Teresa's first letters and she did them wonderfully. Unsurprisingly, the flames are appliqued, otherwise that would be a looot of seams. She made this quilt for a Sarasota Guild quilt challenge: create a small quilt using the phrase “Days of Summer” as the inspiration. yup, this is definitely summer.

I have been unable to decide what to do with leftover Hope. I did ponder adding plaid triangles to set these blocks on point. (I don't think Pokey actually cares which fabric or setting I use, so long as she gets her belly rubbed. Look at how well her belly fur is finally growing in.)

Or having alternate plain squares, with the plaid on the bias. I wouldn't have to sew any extra blocks that way.

I'm actually amazed at how many of ya'all like the dots in the last post. I was sure that would be the least favorite. Anyway, I've been doing too much thinking and not enough deciding, so I've done nothing with these blocks yet.

Equal time for Lily. This is one of her favorite poses, with one leg stretched out.

I've got the a/c cranked so that I can work on a little project I started earlier today. I've been dreading turning on that iron, but there's only so much I can do without it....


True Blue Nana said...

It is sooo hot! I have finally been sewing but I have to take frequent breaks.

Beena said...

The heat here in Florida really is brutal sometimes. I went out to my car this afternoon, and felt like I just wilted with the heat.
But I love the "hot" block! It looks great!
And I love your darling!

Dena said...

We've been fortunate here in Washington state. Our temperatures have dropped from 106 degrees back to the upper 70's and low 80's; but our humidity is still sticking around. Hope it cools down for you.

Notjustnat said...

We could do the swap with your heat and our freezzzzzz LOL. Leftover HOPE, how about giveaway? Just kidding! Pokey tummy does look better. Give her tummy rub from me too please?

Susan said...

Tonya, we have been on vacation in Florida for a week now and can't figure out why people live here, it's so goshdarn hot! But on the other hand, it's so pretty, and of course *LOL* Mickey and Minnie are here...I guess that makes up for the heat!

Loris said...

I'm not sure I left a vote...but I loved the plaid. I'm glad to see it here again. Pokey seems to like it too :-) Your 'melted' cats there sure are bee-utiful. Hope you can find a way to cool off from the heat.

abby jenkins said...

LOVE your quilts, and your kitty. Stumbled upon your blog and love it! What wonderful work you do, I am still working on restoring a threadbare quilt I started in 1992! Better drag that puppy out of the closet.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

I like the flames a lot.

your hope blocks are so colorful and lovely and i know whatever you do with them will look fabulous.

check out the giveaway at my blog!

Mary C. said...

What about the "Live, Love, Laff" quilt? Did your cute, furry children eat it?
Mary C.

Clare said...

It's like that here too. I had a few hours to myself yesterday so started piecing the back for Blackcurrant Fool which, of course, required the iron. I thought I was going to melt!

Love the plaid and that last photo of Lily is brilliant.

ROZ said...

That quilt is HOT. And hello kitty to the cats.

Irishgirlsews said...

Your HOT quilt is great, I love the madras plaid it is so charming. Yes indeed, this week in Fl has been the hottest, (After moving here from Wa. state, we are still getting used to the heat)!

SewCalGal said...

I love your blogs and your cat. Fall will arrive soon.


Dionne said...

Great pics! I want to reach right through the screen to give those cute little kitties a scratch.

Sharon said...

I like the plaid fabric with your leftover blocks. With it on the bias, it gives the blocks a different look.

We finally cooled off here - today was a high of 64*! Supposed to be back up to 90*+ next week. Ugh. That's too hot to sew, that's for sure!

Lily and Pokey are so pretty and pose so well for you. Mine run and hide when they see the camera!