Sunday, August 23, 2009

French Hatbox

Is it just me or is this summer lasting a long time? It's still getting up into the low 90's here and I am sooo ready for cooler weather. Kids in the area went back to school last Tuesday, so that means summer should be over, right?

I got some gorgeous lovely soft fabric from the Fabric Square Shop: the French Hatbox collection by Free Spirit. Some of the colors match Pokey:

As I pieced Hope Strings Eternal I really noticed the lack of light fabric in my stash. For so many years I only bought darks and mediums. I'm really drawn to intense colors. To illustrate my point, here's a photo with a quilt I made in the late 1990's. This was totally my palette back then and I wouldn't buy any other colors except for holidays and those did NOT get mixed into regular stash.

A detour off-topic: Uh oh, a Lily/Pokey standoff. Lily usually gets the better of these matches - she's meaner, or maybe just more aggressive, as well as bigger.

Back to French Hatbox. These fabrics will add some lights into my stash, but still have some fun color. I love these big roses especially on the light green background.

These fabrics make me think of the watercolors that Carol Gillot features in her blog Paris Breakfasts. It would be so fun to get one of her paintings where she puts your pet in Paris. My cats have even lived there, so it would be fitting. Not that they ever got to leave the apartment.

Back on the topic of the fabrics: As much as I love them, I wouldn't use them all together in one quilt - that's way too matchy for me. My pet peeve is definitely quilts made from just one line of fabric. But I don't mind having a few fabrics in a scrappy quilt that are from the same line but in different colorways. I have a couple of friends who HATE it. Not me, as you can see from my current quilt in progress:

Have my color tastes changed. Those dark Amishy colors just don't look right in Florida, but these sure do.

I'm so excited Project Runway is back on. woohoo! There are a couple of contestants who are into old Hollywood glamor, so I'm hoping for good stuff from them. The judges definitely sent the right person home.

I really enjoyed the All Star Challenge. I like the designer who won, although I thought the clothes were ugly with the exception of the red carpet dress. I was happy that the designers I think are complete jerks didn't win.

I'm also watching Top Chef: Las Vegas. I've actually eaten at one of the restaurants: Zaytinya in Washington DC. I loved it because it was all mezze from the mediterranean region - just my style of food. Too bad the chef is such a sexist jerk.

Speaking of guys who don't think much of women, woohoo, Mad Men is back. I am so bored with seeing Don Draper's affairs. We know he's an unfaithful jerk, let's get on to something that moves the plot along please. I love the bits of the show that take place at the office - that's the dynamic that fascinates me. Go, Peggy, go!

I'm watching Warehouse 13, but it doesn't thrill me. It feels so been there, done that. We've got Mulder and Scully reborn, only without the charisma and wit. Instead it's just petty bickering. I wish the awesome CCH Pounder had a bigger role.


Beth said...

I have to agree with all your TV comments (boy, do we have silmilar tastes -- do you watch "Psych?"), except I have to disagree with you on "Warehouse 13." I think some of the plots have been cheesy so far (like it's precursor, X Flies), but I have to say the first season of X Files really annoyed me because of the Mulder/Scully formula -- Scully discovers a case he's gung ho about, Scully is cynical, Scully gets caught up and is in danger, Mulder comes to her rescue.

I think "Warehouse 12" has avoided this so far, and I love Artie -- and can't wait for more info on Mrs. Frederick!

Niki :-) said...

Summer is always long for us, living in Arizona. It is so hot here ALL the time. ugh! Here we have about 2 more months with the a/c on. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jennifer D said...

No don't let summer be over! Ours is way to short here.

Lily has some fierce eyes... I'd back down too.

That quilt on the wall behind the kitties is Awesome!

I am also so glad Project Runway is back, although I missed the first episode.

I love Mad Men but only because of the STYLE!


Wow! Tonya that's a color switch for you! Cant' wait to see what becomes of them! that's exciting!!! love it!

Irishgirlsews said...

I can't comment on all the TV shows, I never get to watch, hubby & kids have their favs, so that leaves me out, I would rather be in the sewing room anyway, yes indeed, its time for some cooler weather, anything less than 90 would be great! I LOVE the new French Hat Box fabs, they are gorgeous, just my style.

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness YES on your Mad Men comment. I love that show, but am tired of seeing the Don Draper affairs time after time. I'm hoping they switch things up a bit tonight.

With you on Warehouse 13 as well, just can't bring myself to get into that show yet. Did you ever check out Fringe? Kind of the same idea, but so much better than Warehouse 13.

Mary C. said...

Love the fabric. So cozy and nice. I am more drawn to soft fabric colors lately. When I was very young, I'd pick the loudest thing in the shop (and I was making clothes not quilts...yikes!!!) I guess we do mellow out...sorta and somewhat.
Mary C.

Beena said...

I think it's because of the quality of light we have here in Florida, that some of those Amish-y dark colors just don't "feel right"! I really like the colors you are using in your current quilt. And I don't mind duplicate prints in a different can bring a sense of unity. Can't wait to see what this is you are making!

I'm glad I hadn't even heard of Warehouse 13. I probably would have gotten all built up over it, and been let down.And I'll wait until they have less contestants before I end up watching Top Chef. It confuses my poor old brain when there are so many people at the start!

Dena said...

I'm not one to use all fabrics from the same line in my projects either. Occassionally I'll find a couple of prints from the same line that I incorporate into a design, but not often. One of my favorite colors is purple and I'm always afraid of buying too much in this shade so I tend to stay away from it. Well, the other day I was rummaging through my 'resources' trying to find some fabrics for an upcoming project and discovered I didn't have hardly any purple! Imagine that. I do love brights though. Brights and Jewel tones.

Our weather has finally cooled down to the upper 70's and mid-80's. We even have fall colored leaves falling from our trees. Of course, my DH is complaining about having to clean up all the fallen leaves, but I love the colors of fall.

Kristin L said...

You totally need a painting of all four kitties in Paris!

quiltmom said...

These are really lovely soft lights that you have chosen, Tonya- Like you, I love color and have a hard time choosing lights - give me strong fabrics to choose and its easy- lights now that is way more difficult...
I love your beautiful wall quilt behind your cats - the ear angle is all you need to see of your cats in those pictures.
I got some animal photos in an email this week that were very cute - one of them was a picture of a cat wrapped up in a swaddling blanket with the caption "Purrito".
It made me laugh because - I don't know about your cats, but my Mars cat would not be purring if she was wrapped up like a burrito!!!
Looking forward to seeing your new quilt.
Warmest regards from Western Canada,

Threeundertwo said...

I just found your blog and I am really enjoying it. Pokey is just gorgeous. I was cheering for him in the standoff.

Love that French Hatbox fabric.

Sharon said...

I love that quilt in the picture with Lily and Pokey with their "airplane ears"! Yes, your colors have really changed. The sun in Florida, I imagine, is like the sun in Calif. and is intense. Takes a brighter color to stand up to that light and not wash out. Those Amish colors are for a colder climate and maybe even candlelight!

I too prefer the darker, more intense colors. I have to purposefully buy the lighter colors. I do love the brights tho'.

I haven't been watching any TV except On Demand on Comcast. My latest fave is 'Being Human' on BBC America. I'm really enjoying it, and I like the characters. It's a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost that are housemates. Alternately a drama and funny. Quite different from anything on American TV. Other than that, I'd rather be sewing.

Notjustnat said...

I can comment on Mad Men because I down loaded onto my iPhone before I left for my holiday and I watched 8 episodes straight. I know what you meant about Don Draper's bad behaviors. I like Peggy too, she is cool!!! I like your new colors palette. They would be cool in your new projects. Hugs Natima

dee said...

Love, love your color choices-then and now. Such a fabulous sense of color.
Happy with Project Runway except for the choice of Lindsay Lohan as a fashion icon...hello...what were they thinking? She's drunk and stoned most of the time.
Peggy from Mad Men is such a great character. Love watching her evolve.

belinda said...

Yes....I see a change in your fabric selections...I think it's the florida sun and the ocean breeze that has you mesmerized...
drawing you to lighter softer
Project Runway...oh ye-ow!!! I LOVE this show and I make NO EXCUSES for watching it!!!

Chris said...

Project Runway, so glad it's back. Warehouse 13 has potential but I find I have been reading blog posts during the last two episodes because it's not sparking my interest enough. I'm having similar feelings about Eureka. I keeping hoping for a good Sci-Fi show of Star Trek or Doctor Who caliber but....

Joan said...

Quilts and cats seem to go together, don't they? We learned a couple of years ago when our 17-year-old Daisy was sick that other cats know and will pick on a sick cat. I guess in the wild the old and infirm have to go. :( So Lily isn't just being mean.

ROZ said...

Lately I've acquired a bit of pale yellow and pale beige fabrics. Sometimes a light fabric makes a good background. I like Mad Men, too. Just started to watch it last week

black bear cabin said...

wow...your new fabric color choices definitely surprised me...but i look forward to seeing what they become!
i find i buy a lot of bold colors too...and then when i sit down to create something i have no lights to go with it :(

julieQ said...

Love to see your sweet kitties, especially with their favorite fabric choices. I like your bright letters, though, they bring a smile to my face!

laura west kong said...

Those fabrics are very Florida (and very pretty). My fabric tastes are shifting as well, to include beiges and taupes, now there's a surprise!

I'm glad PR is back on too.

Ana Cristina said...

I love so must your blog i visit many times and i follow your blog, because i love all the things you do, congratulations, al things is fabulous.