Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Repro Sampler

Don't fall out of your chairs, but I'm working with reproduction fabric. Browns and beiges even - what the heck happened? I'm using lots of scraps from Siobhan, as well as a few shirt fabrics from Bonnie, and a couple of the plaids I bought in Holland. It's a fun mix. I did have to sort them into two different bins though, lights and darks.

It became clear pretty quickly that there were some fabrics I had to set aside. Lots of those repros are BUSY and that just wasn't going to work for this project. I'm making letters that are not only larger than I usually work, but also much scrappier. This was a test photo to make sure everything was working okay:

See, it got plenty busy all on it's own when I started adding all the fabrics that go around the letters. I ended up making these blocks larger than I intended - the letters needed room to breathe. These are the blocks I've completed at 7.5". Oh, and I did put some of the extra busies back in - like that red and yellow in the D block - when they weren't going to touch a letter fabric.

I was thinking about sashing them with cheddar and red corner posts, but I'm kinda liking them all together like this. I've only put them together to look just this once. I'm trying to not overthink it. Let me tell ya though, that R was wretchedly bad. Just so lifeless. I added extra zing to the top of it and now it's at least not a total loser.

Oh, and I'm not sure if I should maybe make some more blocks - go for all the lower case letters as well. Could be fun - make it into a lap quilt. decisions, decisions.

My back and shoulders are aching. I am a pathetic specimen - it doesn't take much sewing to do me in.

About yesterday's post, yes Quiltmaker most definitely gave me credit and even a paycheck for the article.

I ended up removing Picasa from my Mac. Yes, I love that program and I think it's a lot easier to use than iPhoto, but I HATED the fact that it always made a duplicate photo and let iPhoto keep the original. I'd make changes and then I swear iPhoto would pick it up as a new photo.... Just had way too many photos floating around. So I don't love iPhoto but I'm making it work. One thing I haven't figured out is how to resize the photos so everything is coming across LARGE into the blog. At least you get to see the details that way.


Quiltdivajulie said...

You'll get used to iPhoto ~ not so bad after time goes by.

LOVE that you are credited (and PAID) for the article in Quiltmaker ~ gotta keep my eye out for this issue (what's on the cover???)


Quiltycat said...

Your letters are wonderful! Love the old scrappy look of these.

Marie-Thérèse said...

You can resize your fotos if you export them. I use iPhoto, but keep a folder with fotos for my blog in the Picures folder in Finder.
I follow your blog for some time now, even lived in Maisons-Laffitte (west of Paris) and left for Germany about the same time when you left Paris too :o) I like your experiments with the letters.

Unknown said...

I like big photos! And those letters are the best!

YankeeQuilter said...

Oh my...never would have thought that was you if I hadn't read the post! I really like these letters (big surprise there.) Just a warning on Cheddar and double pink- they will take over a quilt quickly! But hey do add punch!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a major pink/orange phase right now, so I say go for it! I love all of these scrappy letters. You really have a great "eye."

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Congrats on the article...and the paycheck :o)

Love the colours you are using on the letters...they look fab!

Clare said...

Don't be surprised. I like them. I really like them. Like Quiltycat, love the old scrappy look.

There is a free program for reducing photos. I use it the whole time. I think it's www.irfanview.net, but not too sure if it will work on an iMac.

Beth said...

Thanks for all your info about piecing letters...I tried it out for the first time: http://modernjax.blogspot.com/2009/02/happy-belated-valentines-day.html

There is a new version of iPhoto out with some pretty cool features!

mauirizarry said...

love your letters....after I finish with my daughter's quilt think I will try it...make my husband a lapquilt.

Kristin Shields said...

This looks like fun! Congrats on the article! I will look for that issue.

Beena said...

Here's one way to resize an image on a Mac:

If you have "Preview" on your Mac, open your pictures with it.

Then, from the menu bar up top on the screen,select "File".

Then, choose "Save As".
Rename your new file, save it as a jpeg.
When the menu box comes up as to the quality of the jpeg, move the slider down toward "least". What this does, is compresses your file size and lowers the resolution so that when it's opened it won't look so huge on screen.

For web work, you really don't need a high resolution. For print work, the opposite is true and you don't want the compression.

There are certainly better programs for resizing images, but most Macs come preloaded with "Preview", and changing the file size by saving it as a lower quality jpeg is just one way to manipulate an image size.

Love your blog, love the quilts!

Cher said...

hey, your letters look great in any fabric! good idea to include in your upcoming book-many quilters cannot visualize using different types of fabric for a new quilting idea, fun names! so glad you benefited from the article, I was so delighted to open it up and see your mention.

jovaliquilts said...

After reading your complaints about the letter R, I'm reminded of some very sage advice given to me by a wonderful (ah-hem) quilter: Don't worry so much about each block, it's the total effect that matters. (Who could that have been? ;-)
As for the size of the photos in your blog, I'm not sure I understand -- don't you control that when you load? Do you mean cropping? If so, let me know, I can explain how to do that in iPhoto.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

I love the letters, and am going to try that method, soon.

Laurie Ann said...

I haven't tried Dollhouse yet. I will though. I don't have high hopes, the concept just doesn't hit me. But you never know. Have you tried Life on Mars yet? I have just finished the first season of Battlestar Gallactica and am hooked. I am also watching Roswell for the first time and liking it too.

woolywoman said...

Oh, wait, you mean I don't have to adjust my monitor? Just keep in mind that red is a neutral!

Sharon said...

Wow, I love your letters in the repros! They look fun, and old-time-y too. Wow, 7.5 is big! I like them all together and touching too.

Sorry to hear you're suffering with the learning curve on the photo thing. Makes your brain hurt, no? But I love the big photos and the extreme closup on your fabrics...yuummm!

Oh, and try to PACE YOURSELF on the sewing. Helps prevent the pain some. And don't forget to stretch! Didn't know sewing was so athletic, did you?? *grin*

jude said...

love the alphabet, are you reminding me to finish mine?

antique quilter said...

now we all know these are just so not your style
I think you need to package them up and send them to me!!!!
so my style!!!!
can't wait to see what you do with them
oh and I love being able to see the blocks up close like this
great fabrics you have there !!!

Unknown said...

Love the letters with the traditional fabrics--quite the change of pace for you. Did you have to medicate yourself heavily in order to work with these fabrics? LOL

jacquie said...

love your letters...i need to get on my name for you! congrats on the wonky house article...i need to get ahold of that magazine. i've never seen it before.

Tanya said...

Your alphabet is lovely no matter what colors you are using!