Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blue Sky

Blue skies outside today, so I'm going out to play. I did want to check in though and let you know that I had a fun visit with Clare. I snuck a pic of her at Pere Lachais Cemetery:

We started our visit there with a blue sky, but it got really gray and eventually we were thrown out of the cemetery because the winds were too high. I suspect they were worried about tourists getting hit by falling masonry.

Clare just sent me the link for this man, André Gill, a french characturist from the 1800's so I'm including his photo in this post too. Well, not a photo of him, but of his jaunty memorial. Doesn't he look great?

I spent Thursday afternoon and all day yesterday laying about in the recliner with Lily and Pokey since they were needy (okay, so was I) and it was horrible outside.

It probably didn't help my mood that I was watching The Wire Season 4. I love the show, it's so stunningly acted and written with the most complex characters and story arcs. But boy, it really is a hard subject, the life of drug dealers and cops on Baltimore streets. If it were a movie I'd avoid going. But it really is worth it. Definitely a show that you have to start watching from the very beginning or it will make no sense. I highly recommend it, 5 out of 5.


søren said...

i don't know how much you keep up with American news media, but it's a little funny how much publicity the last episode of The Wire got this week! My boyf is so sad it's over.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I just might take you up on that - The Wire I mean.

Love the outing and Gills memorial is cool, unique, funky. Perfect for this chap. Makes you think "What was he like to know?"

I feel so bad for Pokey and Lily. Its hard being them. hee!

Kristin L said...

The moustache, the hair, the carnation --- Gill looks like he'd be fun to party with ;-)

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Andre Gill's memorial reminds me of Mark Twain. And what a jaunty flower on his lapel!