Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holy Cow

Can't believe how quickly the class is filling up. I'm extremely amazed and gratified. Thank you.

The following folks are officially in the class: Tracey B in CT, Bronwen D, Keryn, Mereth, Ms Jan, Kathy DB, Cheri S, Mary Jo, Marge F, Donna R, Carol V, Julie S, Tiffany, Wendy in CO, Jude, Hedgehog Jen, Tanya W. Stacy is a possible. If your name is on that list but you haven't received an invitation - uh oh. email me. If you emailed me, and haven't heard back, then email me again.

That's 18 folks in less than 24 hours. I'm stunned. There are two places left in the class. Please email me before making the donation, unless you want to make the donation to MS anyway. It's a very good cause. For those who don't make it into the class this time I will put your name on the list to contact for the next one. Assuming this goes well and there is a next one. We'll have to see what my test subjects think.


Karen said...

Congratulations on your class, Tonya. I know everybody in the class will have a good time. Hope we spectators can watch vicariously :-).

Quilting Pirate said...

I too would love to sign up but payday is Friday and I figured you would fill up the class before then :D

So, this means....when is your next class going to be? :D

atet said...

Congrats Tonya! I knew it would fill quickly! Wish I could join in the fun, but maybe next time.

Quilt Pixie said...

So I didn't even have to be reincarnated to try out being a guinea pig :-)

Tazzie said...

Congratulations to you Tonya, I'm so thrilled for you. I know it's going to be an amazing success.

Kim said...

Oh boy go on vacation for 2 days and I missed it :(
oh well hopefully next time...good luck with your class. I can't wait to see all the pretties

Bellydancingknitter said...

it sounds terribly exciting, for a beginner quilter in Costa Rica.
If not for this class, maybe for a next one?