Sunday, January 11, 2009

Signs of Amsterdam

A variety of signs, old and new, from my trip to Amsterdam in December.

Me standing in the "I amsterdam" sign. If sign is the right word.

We're leaving on Tuesday for Florida. I'm feeling kinda sick and panicky. I've told you before I don't like moving, don't like changes. Doesn't help that my allergy meds have failed me. Massive headache - eeeek.

I've been asked how I'm getting it to say Lazy Gal Quilting on my photos. I've explained before how I use Picasa to get my photos ready for blogging. When you choose the Export Picture to Folder option it pops up a thingie and asks what folder to send the new pic to, what size to make it and at the bottom, Picasa3 now has an option to Add a Watermark. Just choose that and what words you want and it will do the rest.

To get my mind of all the things I should be doing right now, here are some links for you:

Lynne at The Patchery Menagerie is making a wonderful alphabet sampler. She's making rapid progress so I don't want to single out a post, but try her January archives. I love reading about her decision making process what to put in, how does it look?, try something else.

Holly posted a fun inspiration for making wordy quilts. Too bad my text messages are all so boring.

Amy a la Mode is posting some wonderful antique family quilts. I love the Double Wedding Ring with orange and the Wagon Wheels baby quilt but there are many more to see.

Jacquie of Tallgrass Prarie Studio is hosting Project Improv to encourage quilters to try exactly that: improvisational quilting. Whee, it's going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with. She also just finished piecing a wonderful top called Bloom.

And last but definitely not least I am so proud and thrilled to see the fabulous Home quilt that Tanya just completed. She started it in my first ever online class and it is just so wonderful.

Ooh, and speaking of finishing quilts, I put the last stitch on my Bed Quilt. woohoo. It's way too big (and too dark in this apartment) to get a good pic of it, but here's one from awhile ago. Eek, look at the date on that post - Bonnie finished her amazing machine quilting job and mailed it to me way back last March and it's taken me this long to get it bound. Bad quilter, bad.

I'm back to the salt mines now - getting prepped for my move. Ya'all take care.


quiltycat said...

Amsterdam is an amazing city! I loved every single building too.
I love your blog and thanks for your tutorials.

jovaliquilts said...

Just what you don't need now, a headache on top of moving. Take care, and I hope it all goes well! Just think of how sunny and warm it will be in Florida.
Tanya's quilt is marvelous, her dogs and cats are great. You must feel like a proud grandma!

jacquie said...

wishing you a safe trip. thanks for the shout out too. i know about headaches...misery. see you on the flip side!!

Cheryl said...

Good luck with the move. It will probably go better than you think and soon you will be back to quilting and blogging. Thanks for all the great links.

Passionate Quilter said...

hi Tonya--I'm here in the Netherlands right now and visited the museum in just missed you. And we are headed to Paris on the 18th. So--I'll just miss you there as well! Are you returning to Paris to pack up stuff, or is this it? I just love looking at all your cool photos and think of you when I take photos, making them more interesting. You have a great eye! good luck in your move!

Cheryl Cato said...

I love Amsterdam & your photos, both todays & the Canal home ones. I'm new to your blog, so was surprised to see you are moving to Florida. Is that to be the final destination or will it be elsewhere when your husband arrives? Hope you will continue to blog and I'll check in on your archived blogs plus check in on your suggestions. Guess you'll experience culture shock after living in Paris. Good luck.

Dianne said...

TUESDAY! Oh, I am SO jealous! I will leave for CA the week after you, but I don't get to stay...

Isn't Tanya's quilt absolutely wonderful? Thanks for sharing the link.

Have a great trip. Don't obsess too much in the meantime. Your sweetie can send anything you forget. Hope the kitties aren't too stressed.

Heleen said...

Great Amsterdam pictures! A visit to Amsterdam is always fantastic.

Fran said...

Good luck on your move Tonya and just keep telling yourself..."sunshine..sunshine..sunshine.." *lol*
Moving is always stressfull and thank goodness all of our 'big' moves are now behind us...touch wood...we have retired and it would take dynamite to get me to move away from here.
Looking forward to your tales of adventure on this move, hope the kitties will be ok with all this upheaval..our cat was so upset at us last time we moved that he didn't "talk" to us for 2 weeks or more. Wouldn't even answer to his name.
Please continue with the wonderful pictures. You always make me feel like I took the trip along with you. Your a great photographer.

See you in Florida...(in pictures anyway*lol*)


andsewitis Holly said...

Love the pictures. Got a chuckle out of some of them. It's all lost in the translation, of course. I hope your trip goes smoothly and you settle in quickly in Florida. Will be thinking of ya.

quiltmom said...

HI Tonya,
I hope that everything goes smoothly for your move- I am sure that it will - the anticipation is always the most difficult part - and that you soon get rid of your headache. I look forward to seeing you back on line and telling us all that is new with you in Florida.
I'll be thinking of you and sending you good thoughts,

Clare said...

Have you got any space in your suitcases for me? I'll cat sit for you and act as quilter's assistant. Anything for sun and warmth!!! We broke 4 inches of ice on the pool yesterday - yikes!

I haven't looked at Taniwa's quilt - way behind as usual.

Safe trip.


Florida or BUST! Have a safe trip Tonya!

Tanya said...

Thank you for the mention! I'm proud to have been your student!

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