Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shabby Chic Paris

Some photos of a Shabby Chic building here in Paris. Actually, lots of buildings here would qualify to fit in that  decorating category, but I walk by this building a lot and it intrigues me. Photos from September.

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-09-20 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-09-39 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-09-56 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-10-04 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-10-26 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-10-55 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-11-14 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-11-45 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-11-53 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-12-18 AM

Shabby Chic corner building 9-23-2008 7-12-44 AM

Speaking of Paris, it’s gotten really cold here. Well, that’s cold for Paris, not for those of you who live in Arctic tundras. It was below freezing this morning – that’s more than cold enough for me. The advantage is that the sun is out – woohoo! I’ll happily take this over gray warmer days anytime.

Some day I’d like to make a quilt inspired by this antique quilt that Julie Silber discussed in her Save Our Stories interview. She says: “So, a block might say, 'Made on Wednesday, Fair. Made on Thursday, warm.'” I love that and I love this quilt. I’d do free-pieced letters of course.

Too bad I didn’t get it done here in Paris – would have been much more interesting with the weather than it will be in Florida. Beautiful, warm, sunny…. though I haven’t lived an actual summer there yet so who knows I might end up with “too stinking hot” and “surface of Mercury.”

Thank you for your kind words after my last post – ya’all are good for my self-confidence. Plus you definitely helped me with ideas for the paperwork.

We’re not having a Thanksgiving dinner as such, but my sweetie (who is safely home from his travels) and I will go out for lunch.

I’ve gone and lost my list that had links I want to share. That’s what I get for being disorganized. But I do remember a couple:

Bumble Beans had her daughter draw directly on a quilt and then machine quilted the drawing. Completely marvelous and wonderful.

Lynne at The Patchery Menagerie made the most adorable rubber ducky quilt.  So cute.


jovaliquilts said...

The Julie Silber quilt is amazing! The photo when you get to the page is great -- "The first squair."

And I love your building photos, especially that one with the reflection in the glass. You could star a story with that one.

True Blue Nana said...

Your pictures are fabulous. I love the way you highlight details that most would not notice. I really like the one of the filigree in the window and the one below it. You should have a show of your photographs. It goes to show that there is art all around us.

Joyce said...

I'm really enjoying your pictures of Paris. Yesterday it was -6 here and everyone was commenting on how warm it was. I guess that qualifies as arctic tundra. Lol.

Anonymous said...

How is it that your living in Paris? What does you husband do for work there? How long have you been there? Very Intesting to see an American living in Paris. I did'nt read the past blogs to see. Maybe you could do an update.

Clare said...

I was listening to a travel programme about Paris on BBC Radio 4 yesterday and they interviewed Malcolm McLaren who has moved to Paris. He said he lived in a street where there was the only violin maker in Paris, shops where they still sold gold leaf and the area was full of little old ladies wearing fur coats! I immediately thought of the street opposite the "exit/entrance" to Atac! Don't think it can be though as he has a view of Sacre Coeur.

Thanks for the links. I love Lynne's Rub a Dub quilt and Bumble Bean's photos are awesome.

As least in Florida you'll have air con!!!!

Hamncheezr said...

Thank you for posting those pictures. I especially love the one of the window with the reflections of the clouds and rooftops in it. Beautiful.

As for Florida, I "escaped" from there right before my 18th birthday to the more favorable (to me) weather in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky's in East TN. Surface of Mercury might be accurate. I remember when I was a kid, if we had to wear a long sleeved shirt on Thanksgiving or Christmas we were excited, LOL! I do miss the thunderstorms though, they are gorgeous.

Julie said...

I feel Almost Famous! Thanks for the tips on my questions in your previous post. I love the cats in the boxes/beds. I am working on a liberated houses table runner for Christmas (not sure what year)and so will use your quidelines with strips, widths, and so on. I did buy the GM book, based on your blog. It is for Christmas so I haven't really seen the whole thing yet. You are great! I would seriously buy your book.

sammy said...

asking a huge favor of you.... could you go to the Priority Hope blog and read my post I just did with a photo.... I know you probably think I am a flake not to have sent in a quilt.. but if you would just go to that blog and read, would mean a lot me...

Cher said...

my kind of Paris photos-I did some of the same type eons ago in Portland.
you have a tremendous eye for the small details and I so enjoy your perspective.
you know I can't wait to buy your book, whenever it is available. I am sure you got enough feedback so I won't go there- loved the stacks of blues! apparently there may be more blue quilts in your future *vbs*

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love visiting Paris through your photographs~ I'm hoping to convince Santa to bring me a digital camera so that I can try to take such wonderful photos. Would you mind sharing what kind of camera you use and the best features tolook for?

Thanks so much!


YankeeQuilter said...

Hope you had a great Parisian lunch for Thanksgiving. The photos are great.

jmbmommy said...

I almost forgot to tell you how much I LOVE the picture with the skyline reflection in the window. Love the monochromatic colors too.

Katie said...

Great photos! The building is indeed very intriguing.

But I don't understand the whole "shabby chic" decorating thing. Cute stuff is ok and I love pretty colors and pretty things as much as the next person. But I don't understand the part about decorating a house with items covered in rust and peeling paint. Ewwww. Makes me think of tetanus shots and children with lead poisoning. Nothing chic about that. Ah well!


oooh! thanks for the shout on B's drawign on O's quilt! I'm so out of it. took us 12 hours to get home today... from seattle to NYC... a 4 1/2 hour flight turned into a nightmare...

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