Thursday, July 10, 2008

Okay, a Tiny Hint

I had a marvelous day on Tuesday. Cheri of Jovaliquilts is in town and she came over to visit with me. We looked at lots of quilts, I did a bit of letter sewing for her and we just talked and talked. We had lunch at my favorite local restaurant and then went to Montmartre to wander the fabric stores. Cheri is absolutely darling and I loved every minute of her company.

Darling Pokey sleeping on fabric for my current project, the wild and crazy one I mentioned in my last post. Believe me when I say this one is wilder and crazier than what I usually work on, plus a LOT of fun. So here's a hint:

Right now I am extremely frustrated because my knee blew up again plus the other one decided to act up too. Grrrr. I know, I know, this is what I get for overdoing it, having fun and sewing and walking because the sun was out and I just couldn't stand to go back down to the metro.

So that is what I am NOT working on. Instead I'm hand quilting on Orphan Train (ooh, light at the end of the tunnel) plus I've basted the Mini Hotflash quilt that Bonnie sent me. I saw photos of 3am Hotflash which is so fabulous that I begged her to make me a little version. And did you see Just Quilt It? Amazing. I love that she included her initials and year in the border.

Speaking of words in borders, Maureen is doing a great job with her first letters. She's adding wordy borders to her two Gwen class projects - go check them out here. Now that she's started making letters she can't stop. She's started a Halloween project too - wheee.

You know I'm a big fan of Kristin's at Knit One Quilt Too, right? Well she just finished a Gwen Marston Liberated Stars quilt that is so incredible and her hand quilted fans are fabulous. Wonderful minimal mix of colors - great quilt. Kristin is also working on a quilt for her son that is simply amazing. It's posted at her blog and also at the Summer Class blog, where you can also see some other wonderful quilts in progress.

A couple of relatively new blogs for you to check out. Have a visit with Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottage. Lynne is working on some super secret projects that I've seen a sneak preview of and they are a blast. You'll have to stay tuned for those, but in the meantime there is all sorts of fun and tutorials to be had at The Patchery Menagerie.

That's it for me. I'm going to be a good (though whiny) girl and stay off my knee today. Sigh. Ya'all have great days.


Clare said...

Oh poor knees.

I love Bonnie's Hotflash Can't wait to see yours finished.

Joyce said...

Sorry to hear that your knee is giving problems. Hopefully it will soon be better and you'll be back out in that sunshine.

Millie said...

I love Bonnie's hot flash quilt. I'd make one, but I don't have that many solids.

Thanks for mentioning my quilting blog! I'm honored.

KathieB said...

So sorry about the knee. It really sucks when you want to keep going and going and the body says NO. Take care and enjoy your quilting.

Purple Pam said...

Take care of yourself, and your knees. Thanks for adding other blogs to your posts. I realize I do not have enough time to see every quilting blog, but I check out the ones I see in other bloggers posts. Can't wait to see the mystery you are working on. I think the cat likes it.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the new blogs to check out!
Sorry to hear your knees are complaining. I hope taking it easy will help and you'll soon be out walking in the sunshine again!
Your hint re: the next project is very intriguing. I want to see!
Love the new quilts by Bonnie. I gave all my solids away, and now have started collecting again! (can you believe it??)

Nancy said...

Sorry about your knee(s). So frustrating when you want to be doing something. Love the new blog suggestions, especially Patchy Menagerie. Thanks!

belinda said...

Hey....thanks for sending folks over to stir up some dust at Brown Dirt Cottage....!!! Take care of those knees so you can get back into the swing of things!!