Friday, July 25, 2008

Better Now

Okay, I had my mini meltdown and I'm better now.

I'm almost finished hand quilting my little hotflash quilt. Here are a couple more photos from my previous photo session with the quilt and Pokey:

I have to admit, more of you than I expected want to see new material in THE book. D'oh. As of this morning, 26% of the voters want something they haven't seen before. Some of you said I didn't include a BOTH option. Well, hate to break it to you, but there are definitely going to be quilts and techniques in the book that you've already seen in blogs and Quiltville. So it's just a matter of do you want new things ALSO. Did I say it more succinctly this time?

Funny, I don't feel the need for NEW in a book (not just talking about mine here). I just love having the glorious professional photos of quilts I enjoy collected in a permanent format (a book! a book!) that I can go back to over and over again.

I'm thinking of a new project and I'll be the first to admit it's not all that original and will end up similar to another piece I've done, but I really want to do it anyway. I'd like some help though. I bought a gorgeous Christmas fabric with happy snowmen. I'm trying to think of one word or short phrase to go with it.

First I was thinking "Jolly." I like my Christmases jolly. But that seems too Santa Clausy. "Let it Snow" or just "Snow" doesn't really appeal either. Sigh. I might have to shelve this idea if I can't come up with the right twist. The fabric line is called 'Tis the Season and that would work, but seems a bit too advertisial. (I thought I'd made up a new word, but no, lots of advertisials on the web even though it hasn't made it into the Urban Dictionary.)

Not to worry though, I began a patriotic piece yesterday. Barely began. As in, not far along at all. Maybe some sewing today though.

Sweetie and I finished Burn Notice season one last night. Need convincing to watch? Read a fun review here. Woohoo, I do love this show. So silly, but enjoyable. Oh and beautiful - I want to be in Miami now (okay, not now exactly, but when the temperatures are cooler). My only fault with the show? Not enough Bruce Campbell.

A friend did remind me that seeing the gorgeous sunshine and locations of Miami weren't enough to make a tv show watchable. CSI: Miami anyone? I hate that show. And Miami Vice? That might be good for a laugh or two - I haven't seen it in years.

I'd love to see Mythbusters tackle Burn Notice myths - how many of their improvised bombs and tricks would work? I'm actually hoping NONE since I'd hate to think it's that easy to blow things up. We just watched the Mythbusters episode where they tested mini-Hindenburgs. Woohoo, things defintely always burn on this series too.

And to wrap up my tv couch potatoing... Boy, Tour de France is dull this year. That's been a disappointment.

Okay, need to go and get some actual work done. later!


The Calico Cat said...

I see chalk marks on that quilt - do you chalk mark your fans as well?

I did not vote, but I thought that publications "required" new stuff... (Maybe that is just magazines. Maybe it is an incorrect assumption on my part.)

Quilt Pixie said...

what about "put on a happy face" for your snowmen fabric, I know you were looking for a single word, but that's what comes to mind when I see it :-)

jovaliquilts said...

I apologize in advance for this, but I just can't resist. How about "Heads Up -- It's Snowing!" The fabric does kind of look like it's snowing snowmen heads. OK, got that out of my system.

Glad you enjoyed Burn Notice. The second season just started in the US, and so far so good. Something in the first episode made me afraid they were going to marginalize Fiona, who is my favorite character, but in fact they haven't.

Diane said...

There's no business like SNOW business!

Quiltdivajulie said...


After all, who can resist the feelings of pure joy with newfallen snow and news that school/work has been cancelled!?!?

Anonymous said...

please consider this homeopathic before surgery. It cant make it worse only better is all I hear about this stuff.

Dianne said...

CUTE fabric! For some reason, when I looked at it the words "Jingle, Jingle" popped into my head.

So fun to hear about the new book. And I would love to see both old and new things in it...nothing like wanting it all, eh?!

Will have to look for Burn Notice. Not sure the Aussie Quickflix site has it yet.

Cheryl said...

How about Frosty or Frosty the snowman is a jolly, happy soul or Thumpety thump thump thumpety thump thump look at frosty go... Can you tell I like our friend Frosty?

About your book...I look forward to seeing the wealth of info that you two have, put into book form. Even though I've looked at most and printed some of the tutorials, I would find value in a book. But, as soon as it has gone to press, I think you should start working on a sequel with all new stuff. I'll buy them both!

BrendaS said...

What about "Silly Season" after the name of the fabric. Two words, instead of one, but it sums up those snow guys.
As for new vs old stuff in your book, if it hasn't been published before in the traditional sense (like in magazines or newspapers) then it is new stuff. I'd like to see your stuff collected in one book, and with good quality photos, it will be great. What does your publisher say? I know you have many Tonya fans online, but as you say about Liberated Quiltmaking, as a book is something to refer to again and again, show it to your friends, and use it for inspiration, and it will reach a somewhat different audience. So I vote for a good quilting book, not necessarily new stuff, but the best you have. Does that help? and thanks for the comments on the roses and the stars.

BethanyQuilt said...

Your book will be going out to a wider audience than your blog, so it will be new to lots of quilters! I think you need to go with what is meaningful to you and Bonnie, rather than try to meet some other, kind of arbitrary standard. My motto - go with your gut - you really do know what will work.

Fran said...

Tonya, I went back and looked at your snowmen fabric again. I counted at least 8 different snowmen faces, there may be more. What about "Friends Gather Here"
It would make a great lap quilt and I'm sure you do have oodles of friends that gather around your home at holiday time and this would make them feel welcome.

As for the book, I will love it no matter what's new or recycled. Like you I'm a visiual person and love to have my books on hand to thumb through and love them litteraly to pieces. I feel that if a book does not have a few dogs ears, it's not a good book.

I'm working sooo hard to finish a Bonnie/Tonya want-a to be quilt. I'm working on the wording on the border now. Dh had some health problems and it had to be put on hold for a week or so. Can't wait to get back to it.

I don't know if I can stand not showing it to you until it's quilted. You may get a peek at the finished top

I really can't wait what you think of it and I hope you will be totaly honest. I can take it...I think...:c)

As always smiles across the miles...:c) Fran

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Love the Pokey pics. He's got that "Who me?" look.
As for the fabric - how about 'Winter Party', or 'Snowman reunion'. They do look happy in their party hats!

Clare said...

Boring - lack of imagination down here - but what about Joyeuse FĂȘtes, or just Joyeuse. They look more party'ish to me rather than Noel'ish.

There is a new series on BBC1 called Bonekickers. Good cast, including the buffoon stockbroker from Notting Hill and the guy from Primary Colours (no not John T LOL). Not good reviews, but we like it.

A friend in Oz told me that one of the cyclists fell down a cliff on Weds. C'est vraie?

Sandi said...

I like to see new stuff in quilt books, but it's more important to me to have clear, concise, COMPLETE instructions. And I admit, seeing different fabric choices is almost the same thing as seeing a new quilt.

What about Merry for the name of your quilt?

And as for Bruce Campbell, my latest quilting background DVD has been the box set of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Your mention of the Hindenburg reminded me of the hilarious puns in the show about a "Lead Zeppelin" being a "Stairway to Heaven" and if they sell only one it will be a "Good Year."

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

I agree that the book is a compilation of all your best work, plus a bit of new. I think that most first quilting books by new authors are probably done in just this manner. They have built up a body of work to share with a larger audience. I would just love to have it all together in one gorgeous spot to look through any time I want (and not just when I have electricity and the internet!).

As far as the snowmen, I was thinking something alliterative such as silly smiling snowmen. I also like a simply "joy". Seems to fit very well.

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Just thought of this one. How about "Snow Day". Anyone who grew up in a snowy place knows who sweet those words are.

woolywoman said...

I vote for "Snow Day!", too. As for new things in the book, it's rather like asking my young son if he wants cake and ice cream, or just one. What a silly question! Both! I do enjoy book format much more than computer format for paging over and pondering.

Anjea said...

I love that snowman fabric! My first thought for a word was "cheer."

Sharon said...

I vote for "snow day" too. The snowmen look so blissful, like they've just heard that word, and it IS a reprieve! Like kids look when they hear school is cancelled!
As far as The Book, just having all your wonderful work professionally photo'ed and all in one spot that I can pick up and look at anytime and anywhere, that will be Good. One or maybe two new (small is OK) pieces would be nice, but not necessary, really. I agree that you'll have a much wider audience than just people that read blogs. I'm so excited that you're doing a book - I can hardly wait for it! Whatever you do will be great!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Hi Ton, Thanks for the many reviews of TV shows...I don't watch TV much so hardly know what's on or worth watching. Burn Notice sounds like the type of show I'd like. Some of the words that popped into my head when I viewed your fabric are Frosty, Cold, Winter, Toasty, Fun, Magical, Happy. That's how I feel when I'm building a snowman. Can't wait to have your book in my hands, I'm still referring to your tutorial that's I've printed!

Anonymous said...

When I saw the snowman fabric, I thought, "CHEER" . Well, that's my two cents. :)

Kucki68 said...

How about Winter or Neige or Hiver?

andsewitis Holly said...

I don't care if there is not a single new thing in the book. I just want all your "now" stuff in one place for easy reference. There's always room for new stuff in your next book!

In my couch potato segments this summer I've been watching shows like You Are What You Eat, How Clean Is Your House, Rock the Reception, The Singing Office, Project Runway, Design Star, The Mole, and a few others.