Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dishwasher Salt

Sorry, but it is freaking cold (currently 50 degrees/10 celcius) and damp in Paris this morning and I am feeling very cranky. My joints are aching like crazy. We have hot water radiators in our apartment and the building's boiler hasn't been turned on yet. I've got my fingers crossed that we just have to wait until 1 October and not sometime later.

Our apartment building is from the 1880's, based on the dates on neighboring buildings. They are beautiful, but the french windows are single paned and really leaky around the edges.

I've never lived in a place where I couldn't control the heat. That's something new, as is the need to put salt into the dishwasher. The water in Paris is extremely hard and the dishwashers are built with a container in the bottom that has to be refilled periodically with salt. Not ordinary table salt, but this stuff:

And don't ask me how the salt works. I have no idea, I just do as I'm told.

The door on the front loading washing machine has to be left open, as does the drawer the soap tablets goes into, or else it molds. I have to put anti-calcium tabs in with the soap when I do a load.

The dryer has a reservoir that the water from the clothes goes into. It has to be emptied out as does the usual lint trap, plus there is a big "lint" catching gizmo at the bottom that I have to remember to clean wet disgustingness out of as well. I wouldn't have thought that standard appliances could have so many variations.

The cats were so sweet last night, but they were driving me nuts. Lily sleeps with us every night, with my husband when he's home and she tortures me when he isn't. My husband can sleep without moving, but I just can't stand having my tossing and turning hampered. Anyway, last night Pokey and Habibi joined us as well. Agh. Bibi makes all sorts of noise and fuss with his grooming, plus he wanted lovings. So he was walking on me and purring. Nineteen pounds of cat on you is not conducive to sleep.

Pokey in a box and Lily on top:

A couple of my orphan blocks:

All the better to say "boo" back to Kathy DB, who's in my class and working on a very fun Halloween project. She's a hoot, go check out her new blog, especially if you know the word "booger" in another language. (Huh? go read her recent post, and you'll get it.)

I've put a new section in my sidebar, linking to the first Lazy Gal Quilting Class students. Let me know if there are any broken or missing links.

Last night I finished quilting Blooming Horrors. Woohoo. My husband said "now you just have to bind it." Living with a quilter for 15 years, he's picked up a thing or two.

I bought a wide muslin fabric to use for backing on my Orphan Train quilt. I just need to get it washed and then I can get to work basting it.


Quilting Pirate said...

what a perfect and cheap kitty playhouse!! :D

Clare said...

The salt is to stop the dishwasher calking up. If it does it's one dead washer lol.

Gorgeous photo of the cats and I know what you mean about cats during the night. Magic has a horrible habit of sleeping stretched out. I had no idea a cat could take up so much space!

Cheer up - wrap up warm and go out for a chocolat chaud.

joyce said...

We use our very hard well water and we put salt in a water softener. If we don't it corrodes the taps, washer, dishwasher etc to an unusable condition in about 6 months.

Quilt Pixie said...

the rock salt you have for dishwashers is like the stuff we put in water softners for the houses in rural Manitoba -- keeps lime from building up in the pipes..... Its great for sprinkling on wet dyed cloth to make interesting splotches.....

jude said...

maybe you should make a BIG quilt and snuggle. love those cats!

kcamou said...

I like the spooky boos. Good luck with the salt stuff.

jovaliquilts said...

Oh, those are boo-tiful! (Sorry, couldn't resist...) Love all your Halloween characters, too. If there's one place I'd want to visit Halloween, it's your apartment!

Kathie said...

We are also well users who put salt in the water softener.

There was a funny ad on TV a few months ago that showed a guy who permanently walked all bent over from all the lugging of salt for the water softener. He got into trouble on the bus with ladies who thought he was looking down their dresses. LOL

Jeanne said...

Such cute cats! We have a similar bedtime routine with our cats each night. Sometimes it repeats around 4 in the morning at which time DH 'politely' asks them to leave the room. Sometimes they start fighting at the foot of our bed, so we awake to grrrrr, errrrrr and lots of other sounds.

Karen said...

I'm sorry you're so cold! Can you run a space heater? The cats are too precious but boy they can bother you at night.

atet said...

I was going to say the salt sounds like the same stuff we put in our water softener here in the cornfields -- without it we get lime everywhere quickly. And rust. Ick. (thanks for reminding me, I need to go and pick up a few bags of the stuff)

Love the boo's -- can't wait to see the orphan train riding out!

de vliegende koe said...

I didn’t know their are dishwashers without a salt-container. The water is very hard here as well. My cat Midas always comes for a cuddle before I go to sleep and loves to lay in my arms like a baby... Crazy he?
Every morning he comes to waken me and wants another cuddling procedure!

YankeeQuilter said...

We have the same types of appliances left out trying to find shampoo, conditioner and soap that works with the local water! I had to toss my U.S. stuff since the conditioner wouldn't wash out in the hard water! Maybe a handfull of the salt stuff would have helped?!

Jane Weston said...

Your Lily is so beautiful! I know I've commented on your cats before, but they just have lovely faces.
We have the same type of appliances here...salt for the dishwasher and I have a condensing dryer too...right done to the gloopy lintty filter that needs cleaning periodically too!

Finn said...

Hey Ton, ok...BOO....HISS on the idea of the very strange appliances. Probably the price you have to pay for allllll that gorgeous stone stuff and monuments.
But I'd add a yuk for soggy dryer bottom trap cleaning!
Love the kitty everyone says, they are sooo gorgeous. Can't say I care much for the nightime loving part tho. Ebby "owns" my right hand every night...making up for all the petting and affection she denies herself during the day time. I usually fall asleep with her head or leg or chest on my hand..*VBS* Then she moves to the foot of the bed.
I can't tell you how excited I am that Horrors is quilted and the Orphan Train might be going to make a personal appearance(or 3!)*VBS* Exciting!! Hugs, Finn

cher said...

hurray for a finish and on to the the cat photo