Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't Pack Up Lily!

I told you that we'd been buying stuff that we needed to send to Paris. Well this is some (most) of our new purchases. And Lily. She's decided that this her favorite spot right there on top of the pile. No worries that the moving guys will pack her up when they come to take all of this away today - as soon as someone knocks on the door, all the cats will flee.

Howler playing with packing materials.

It was my birthday this week. I got a great, tho completely coincidental, present in the form of a visit from my friend Bonnie. She's up here visiting her father, who's in the middle of a cross-country motorcycle trip. I had a great time going with the two of them to several museums in D.C. - they wore me out. I get to spend quality quilty time with Bonnie on Saturday, which I am really looking forward to.

In the midst of the shopping sprees with my husband, I got to duck into a huge JoAnn's store - I didn't know they made them that big. Didn't have nearly enough time to do lots of damage, but did get a small 100% cotton quilting batt to try out as well as a packet of needles so that I can finely give a definitive answer for "what size of needle do you use for perle cotton and embroidery floss". And the answer is: Embroidery needles sizes 5 and 10. Dritz makes a packet with both those sizes in there and that should do ya.

Saw an orthopedist about my problem knee. He says I can hold off on having the big surgery (woohoo) but discovered that I am losing cartilage in my "good" knee (boo). So one knee better than expected and one worse. I need to lose weight and exercise. No surprise there, but I expect I need to get serious about it. First thing: stop buying snacks for my sweetie no matter how much he begs. If they're in the house, I eat them too.

I read Julia Child's "My Life in Paris" and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Paris in the 50s and a woman discovering her passion in life.

Sweetie and I have been trying out the series "Numb3rs" which is another crime-solving show, but this time using math instead of forensics. It's okay. Enjoying it but not loving it. Also watched the first episode of "Foyle's War" which is a police inspector solving crime in WWII England. Good, but not great. Enjoyed it enough we'll be getting the next episode.

I've got some sites for ya'all to check out.

PrairieQuilts Nina has pulled together a bunch of orphan blocks and tied them together with some free-pieced letters for her Bones quilt top. Unsurprisingly I'm very fond of the skeleton, but I just love how's she's used all the blocks.

SewCatherine is working on a great quilt top in which she spells out her favorite southern foods. I love everything about this quilt. It actually works great for one of the inspirations I've been mulling over but haven't yet blogged about. Maybe she's been sending me brain waves.

Force Majeure Farm Kim is churning out the quilt tops - check out her light-hearted cow quilt Moo Moue.

New blogger Carol at Quilt as Desired has used the letters to make a Remembrance Quilt with poppies. She's also using the freehand fans to work on a great quilt featuring her cat Spike.

I have not worked on the book or my quilt in progress for ages. Today tho I'm sitting myself down in front of the tv to watch my birthday present Gilmore Girls Season Six and quilt on Cranky. I'm on the third ring of freehand fans!


Dawn said...

Oh Lily is so darn cute! And what a fun shopping spree. AND time with Bonnie. It just isn't fair!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Did you go to the JoAnn superstore in Frederick, MD? Was there last wknd and it blew me away. I've been in all the Joann's around DC but this one is REALLY big. While I love living in DC, wish I were moving w/you to Paris! It's my & my husband's fav city. As I new quilter, I enjoy reading your posts. Have a great weekend!

Sweet P said...

Numb3rs is one of favorite shows. I think the math professor is cute, but too young for me.

You seem to have quite a few quilters making quilts with your wonky letters. Thanks for sharing pictures of them.

candyschultz said...

Tonya, I received "Over the Wall" today. I will read it soon and let you know how I liked it. Did you purchase it? It does look like there is only one story with the Abhorsen characters in it. It is 140 pages long though. I do not envy you the transplantation but I do envy you being in Paris. The links in this post are great.

Dianne said...

Great pics of the cats, Tonya...poor little furry guys, having to move again so soon!

Wasn't the Julia Child book wonderful? So fun to imagine Paris in her salad days.

Sorry about your knees. I'm starting to have some problems, too...grrrrr.

BTW, I went to the Pacific Int'l Quilt Show in Santa Clara today. There was a wonderful quilt with words...I'll post it on my blog tonight, if I can squeeze out the time.

Lois R. said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad to hear you had a good time.

So glad to see pics of the kitties feeling comfy in their temporary digs.

Thanks for the opinion on needle sizes, you must have been reading my mind. After your suggestion (ages ago) to do the hand lettering on my Dream Houses quilt in perle cotton, I finally bought some, but couldn't decide what size needle to use. Now I know, and I can cross that excuse off my list of reasons why I can't finish Dream Houses.

quiltpixie said...

happy belated b'day.... sorry about the knees thing -- reading Julia Child would do nothing to help my reolve to watch my weight -- other than watching it go up! :-)

Finn said...

Hey Ton, Happy Birthday week!!!! I think I remember it's the 14th??? I have that list somewhere...but no matter...a BIG enough HAPPY BIRTHDAY will cover the whole week...just in case!
Glad you got prezzies, including Bonnie..*VBS* Just what you needed I think!
The furries are so adorable..I had forgotten Howler is sooo black. Haven't seen him in pictures as often as the "girls". Looks like they both are having fun.

Life keeps rolling right along, and the days zip by...glad you are having this time for shopping, getting caught up on "stuff" and relaxing before the next stage. Big birthday hugs, Finn

Carol said...

I appreciate that you supply links to others' postings, because I sometimes don't have time to search through them and find all the joyful quilts myself. I got a huge charge out of the Moo Moue quilt, esp the varied expressions of the cow with different eye placements! "Picowso" was a real hoot. And I love the southern foods quilt in progress!! You all are amazing and so productive. Tonya, I hope the thyroid thing is A-OK now.

Tazzie said...

Happy Birthday Tonya! How wonderful that you have been able to spend some time with Bonnie! Sorry to hear about the knee ... isn't diet and excercise always the way ... I hate to diet, and I hate to exercise ... they're like doing chores ... I'd rather be quilting!

ForestJane said...

I think that's the best picture I've seen yet of Howler. :)

Did all your cats forgive you pretty quickly for shoving them in the crates for the trip? Are you leaving the crates out so they're familiar for the next excursion? They're becoming little world travelers.

You honestly only got batting and needles at JoAnns? Reallllllly? :D

carol said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the link!...regarding Foyle's War, they're not bad, although they can be stand alone episodes, there is a bit of a continuing thread throughout. Me I am a huge Horatio fan, but they should be watched in order. A true hero character. If you want a police/crime drama from Britain, have you tried 'Cracker', starring Robbie Coltrane? I really enjoyed them, they could be really intense! He's more of an anti-hero.

Sassenach said...

singing loudly and off key...
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu,
now don't make a moue:
You're going to Paris!
But what's next -- bird flu?
end singing

Heh, heh. Ain't the forties just grand? "It's no longer a question of staying healthy. It's a question of finding a sickness you like." -- Jackie Mason

Glad you're finding time to enjoy the area.

YankeeQuilter said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, happy Birthday! I feel so guilty for missing it! Take care of the knees....

Lily said...

Happy birthday, glad you're enjoying your presents - including Bonnie!!

cher said...

Happy Birthday! belated, but none the less showers of wishes that it continues to go well with you. good luck with the knee issues...and glad to hear you are going to be doing some handquilting- the kitty photos are wonderful.

Clare said...

Je suis en peu retard, mais joyeux anniversaire et l'annee prochaine en Paris, quoi!

Finn put me onto embroidery and crewel (sp?) needles for perle and embroidery floss. Don't know what the needle sizes are, but I can, at long last, see to thread the things.

Wait until you get to France to get your knees sorted out. Best medical care in the world - honestly.


Lucy said...

I heard that you have had a great time with Bonnie :-)

And I love to see all the quilts with the letters... It is on my list to do , but fir4st I need to know what I will write with teh letters , you will see by the time

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