Friday, March 31, 2006

Tentmaker Patterns

Thank you all for the nice words about the quilt box and the quilts in it. You'll get to see them, you will. Just not yet. I only have a limited number of quilts, I can't blog them all at once ya know. Just like Santa, I'll know if you've been good or not. When the time is right, the quilts will be revealed.

In the meantime, here's a trip to a nearby Tentmaker's place. I was going to crop this picture down, but then thought you might enjoy just the glimpses of the different styles of work.

But my primary focus this trip was these two pieces. They're made with the same pattern. I'm pretty darn sure that the light blue in each of the quilts is the same fabric, and so are many of the other fabrics, but the placement is different in each one.

Unfortunately I got this one overbrightened in Picasa. I think it should be a bit softer.

So yesterday we had dinner over at friends'. It was my responsibility to make dessert and I discovered too late that I didn't have enough sugar. D'oh. The brownies, which are usually fabulous (the One Bowl Brownies recipe off the Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate box) were way too "healthy" tasting. Bleah. If I'd had more time to think about it (and have known how blechy they were going to turn out anyway) I'd have replaced some of the flour with sweetened cocoa. If they're gonna be bad, might as well experiment.

Pokey had a bad day yesterday. Not only did I walk into her (I most certainly didn't kick her - she was just all of a sudden in my way) but less than an hour later she got her tail caught in a closing door. Aiyee, that cry of pain is heart-rending. She's fine.

I've been doing a wee bit of quilting and sewing while watching the ridiculous BBC/Sci-Fi Channel mini-series "Invasion Earth." Can't say it's grabbing me at all, but I guess I'm enjoying it enough to have it on while I do other things.


Finn said...

Hey Ton, I did read your blog yesterday, chuckled at the cat claw true..still have those on my oak dining room table from Mercy's fast take off when a repair man walked into the kitchen. She was my skitterish one..never did get over it..*S* ''

Just didn't have quite enough time to hit the comments section..sorry!

Love the tentmakers offerings, really cool to get to see them hanging in their environment, and the two that you want/have? Can't say I'd have much will power not to buy them. So much of the Egyptian stuff is so beautiful.

My Hildago comment wasn't to get you to watch it...just that I enjoyed the 3,000 mile horse race across the Saraha to the sea. Very sand in your face movie..LOL And one little pinto mustang from America..*S*
I hear ya on's too funny, cause that so clearly is a duckling...makes ya wonder..LOL

Judy said...

The workmanship is amazing. Is it done in cotton cloth? It is truly beautiful and so intricate. My cats always walk directly in front of us when they want to "direct" where we are pay attention to me NOW!!

Sarah said...

Tonya -

Love the tentmaker's offerings. Can you give us some idea how much these things cost?

Paris! How exciting! We got our daughter's name (Madeleine) from a subway stop (and the cathedral up above) located in Paris. We were there on vacation about two months before I got pregnant with her.

cher said...

oh those are so...lustrous- and inspiring. Do you already own some or plan to? thanks for sharing!

Darcie said...

Sorry about your brownies, Tonya. That only seems to happen when one has to share a dish. Drat!

And poor Pokey. We all have days like that.... I'm sure she had a lot of TLC to make up for it though.

Your Tentmaker pieces are once again INCREDIBLE!!! I know you've mentioned the workmanship in earlier posts. The color so makes up for it! I'm not sure if I asked you this or not: What type of fabric do these artisans use for these?

I don't know if I could afford to have any...not the money part so much...but I wouldn't get a thing accomplished due to the staring at the pieces for hours and hours....

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh - I"m so glad you posted pics of them at market - what a whole different look! It is so interesting to see the different styles! The intracacy of the blues ones just makes my head spin! Those are the quilts that I look at and you always see something different - and I would NEVER attempt to do! In fact I have this paisley gift bag I keep thinking would make an amazine wall quilt wall hanging, but I dont' even know where to start!

I love those one bowl brownies on the bakers box - we make those!

Sorry to hear about Pokey - that is so sad, just like something happening to one of your kids!

So now I have to ask - did you go to the market alone or with friends? I know you normally go with friends but you said the one you go with normally is on vacation. Are you getting brave!!!

Oh and for some reason I really enjoyed Hildago also. Watched it several times. Slow in parts but still really fun to watch. A good one to watch while doing hand work.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Beautiful! I'm working my way through your blog archives, and it's truly a delight, visually and verbally. Thank you for commenting on my blog--I doubt I would have found you otherwise.
Thanks for the links, too. I'm having fun with my fabric scraps.

Lily said...

Those tentmaker quilts are amazing. God the work in them is incredible. Are they all hand-stitched?

Too bad about the brownies. I had to make a slice the other week and the instructions said to take it out of the pan and cut before it cooled. So I did. Dammit it just fell to bits! I'd used up all my glace cherries, so I had to make a new slice from scratch. Thankfully this one turned out (apart from a slight singing around the edges, which I cut off!!).

Poor Pokey. Hope she's having a better day today!

Hmm. All this talk of Hidalgo makes me want to rent it. I just LOVE Viggo!

Tina said...

Tonya, if you get a chance watch DR Who from England great show.....Also did you get to see Serenity(FireFly Movie) there making the second one this year, I really enjoyed it..I know all my favorites are always cancelled what's up with that...Hugs Tina