Monday, March 13, 2006

Slowly slowly

I'm still not completely here yet. Taking that nap yesterday turned out to be a mistake - couldn't get to sleep last night and then I slept in late. D'oh. I've been better today.

Haven't done anything fun yet, just laundry and grocery shopping. Although driving the car to get the groceries is an adventure itself what with local driving habits and the fact that a temperature gauge needs to be replaced and the transmission could overheat at any moment and then we'd have really big repair bills. Not to mention the fact that I could get stranded with a bunch of groceries. And my cell phone acting up just adds to the excitement. (The phone stopped working yesterday and I trudged all the way over to the Mobinil store and it magically started working again right outside their door. Maybe getting joggled up and down did the trick.)

We still don't have our bags yet. At least Air France found both of them and theoretically they will be on the plane that gets in tonight. I just hope they get delivered before ten. The last time this happened I went stumbling down and it turned out to be someone else's bag. I said "it's not mine" and the delivery guy said "why not?" I thought that was pretty funny. Because it's not, that's why not.

So since I don't have any exciting work in progress to show you, here's a pic of the shells my sweetie found for me on the beach, plus four I found myself. He's truly a sun bunnie. He spent many days (not enough, according to him) soaking up the rays. I spent about an hour on the beach when I was dropping him off so I could have the car. I love the beach, I do, but not for 8 hours in a row, day after day...

Have you seen those rooms where they have shells glued up all over the walls? I think it is sooo cool, but my hubby would shoot me. I could do a nice grotto effect in the bathroom. Not here of course, but in a permanent house.


Laurie Ann said...

Glad to have you back in blog land! We missed you!

Finn said...

Hurray for the possibility of bags! I hope they actually materialize.
Can hardly wait to see the progress on the thready, and what the new beads become...*VBS* It's good to have you back...we missed ya!!!!

Lily said...

I'm still laughing from the quote from the bag guy!!

Hmm, not sold on the grotto idea - I might have to side with your beachcomber hubbie on this one ;)

Dawn said...

You may just have to make a removable picture to glue those babies onto!!!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

EVERY time I fly Air France - 1/2 my luggage is late. Last flight - they forgot to load 1/2 a plane of luggage! I stood at the counter and bawled my eyes out with a baby in my arms about the pampers, baby clothes, etc. and finally, they opened the cash drawer and gave me a couple hundred dollars!!! Luggage showed up the next day, which they then had to deliver clear across the state because I was already on the move - like I was going to stay at the airport and wait for its arrival?

Florida is nice this time of year! I hope you had good weather and enjoyed your trip.

Welcome back to blogland.