Friday, July 01, 2011

Dye Transfer, News and Begging

Hi guys. Wow, I promised to be a better blogger and failed spectacularly. Ya'll have to forgive me though because my husband is back in town for all too short of a period (some of which I won't even be around for) and that takes priority. The weather has been pretty miserable for him, rain and gray skies. Not even cooling rain - it's hot and humid.

In my last post I mentioned the dye transfer on my LAWS quilt. Here's one of the blocks in particular where it is noticeable, the purple in the L moving over into the pink (click to embiggen):

Some of you commented about Color Catchers. Oh, believe me I love those and use them lots. When I'm washing a finished quilt I'll put two boxes worth in. My friend Kathy has heard that you can thread baste a Color Catcher onto a problem area of your quilt and that will help. sigh.

Speaking of LAWS - I finished all the hand-quilting this week. Woohoo! Finished the quilting on my One Patch with Strings too (I'd set it aside to work on LAWS).  Now to get the bindings on.

Onto the news: Season 9 of The Quilt Show has been announced. Yours truly is featured in ep 907 which debuts at the end of September. We'll get a special code so ya'll can watch that one for free for a week, but take a look at that list and maybe subscribe to the whole thing (if you haven't already).

Anyone going to the AQS Quiltshow in Knoxville this month? (Holy cow, this month? How did it get to be July already?). If so you'll be able to see my quilt Rumspringa, fingers crossed. I'd love for you to take a photo of you (and friends) standing in front of it waving at me and then post it somewhere or email to me. That would be a hoot.

Meanwhile I'm getting ready to go to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. I get to spend time with LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts and then we'll head down for Quilters' Affair along with a bunch of her Rebel friends. I'm hoping to spend time with Jessica and Kristin and hopefully bump into Bonnie. Anyone else going?

Now we come to the begging portion of this blog post. I would love if some of ya'all could send me fabric:

Type: ugly or outdated, or boring, what-the-heck-was-I-thinking, I'm-tired-of-having-this-in-my-stash fabric.

How much: 1 1/2" wide - any length from square up to 11" long
                    2 1/2" wide - any length from square up to 11" long

Either width works, don't need the same fabric in each.

I would also love some letters (which can be left as is or completed - scrappy log cabin-style - as 5 1/2" blocks) that include somewhere in them the kind of fabric I just mentioned.

very scrappy capital letters: L,V, H, X and some E's and O's (I need more of the latter two letters than the others). These should be basic beginner letters (no fancy fonts).

wonky heart 5 1/2 blocks. You can use the Crumby Heart Tutorial here.

{updated to add: I don't need everyone to send all of that, seriously.  Just five short strips of ugly fabric would be fab, for instance. or a single letter....}

Sorry I can't tell you what this is about. If you want more details, just email me or put it in the comments. Also, I've really noticed that people tend to use more packaging than needed. Lots of times a business sized envelope or craft envelope work out great.

I've recently discovered the fun of Pinterest. (Haven't tried it? Well go see Tonya's Pinterest.) It's really brought home to me the need for including watermark information on photos. (Darn you iPhoto for not including that capability!)

I'm going out to lunch with my sweetie so I need to wrap this up quick. Later!


Melissa Saylor said...

Hey Tonya,
I'll be in Sisters the week of the show. Staying at the Ponderosa Best Western Inn smack dab in the middle of Sisters. Taking a class Thursday. Can't wait! I go every year. It is so much fun. I'll watch for you in the crowd of people. Hope to see you.

True Blue Nana said...

You want fabric? I am in the process of cleaning out my mother's stash. Most of what she has is calicos from the 80s. I am talking lots of fabric! Let me know if you are interested. If you want I can take pictures and you can decide what you want. I am going to donate it to Goodwill if you aren't interested.

Sharon said...

Send my your address and I'll get some things to you. I'm going to make the letters for my Breast cancer donation quilt this weekend so I can make an extra on for you!
;-( Not going to Sisters....looks like a lot of bloggers meeting there, say hi to Nifty Quilts! Travel safe and have fun!

Nifty Quilts said...

You might want to bring an extra suitcase for all the uglies I've got!
SO looking forward to seeing you!!

Carla said...

I'll be at Sisters...First time, so I'm not sure how things go. I'll be bringing scraps to sort in my spare time so maybe I will run into you and you can have your pick.

Sujata said...

I am excited to watch your show.. I hope I am around here when it airs. Have a great time with Leeann and other Rebels.. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.
Congratulations on finishing hand quilting.. I am sure it feels great!
Have a great weekend!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Tonya - I downloaded a free watermarking "app" that goes into iPhoto for watermarking. Let me know if you want more info!

QuiltKelly said...

I will not be in Sister's but if you are driving through Eugene stop at Piece by Piece Fabrics, hopefully I will be working that day. We had a class based on your book and everyone loved it. kelly

Janet said...

If you send me your address I'll send you some strips. Not stashes full but half a dozen or so.

Diane said...

I want to go to Sisters too! One of these years, maybe.. it's always been on my Someday List.

Oh BOY do I have some uglies for you too!

Diane said...

I'll be at Sisters again this year. I stay out at Black Butte Ranch with friends. I'm taking Tula Pink's typography quilt class on Friday. I hope you have a great time! I'd bring some fabric for you, but I'm already on the road....

Clare said...

Green with envy about Sisters. One day ...........................

I'll put some strips in a bag for you and send with the house. Might try some letters too.

Enjoy your time with T. Hope the weather picks up.

cauchy09 said...

wow, i can't wait to see you on the teevee! congrats!

and i'm curious to see how the color migration works out. i have some handdyed fabric here that is giving me fits.

Michellesayshi said...

I just got your book, and I'm LOVING it. Also, I'm obsessed with Pinterest. It's fabulous for keeping all my quilt ideas in one place.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I can definitely send you some stuff! Email me an addy and I'll get that out this week.
I was chatting with a store owner this week about colour running and she swears by washing with Retayne. She says it works for her evertime to capture any loose dye when washing. I've never tried it though.

Kristin Shields said...

So excited to finally get to meet you Tonya! I was asking at the Stitchin' Post about Color Catchers which they were out of. It was recommended that I use Synthropol for first washing a quilt. I have used it just this week on three quilts, one of which had quite a bit of red that I was concerned about. No dye transferred at all. I'm not sure if the Synthropol actually worked, or if the dyes were already color fast. Might be worth experimenting with.

Can't wait for your show to debut. That's very exciting! I was able to watch Sue Spargo's show recently on her free week and it was very well done.

I have already sorted out most of the uglies, but I'll see if there are any more.

Are you bringing any quilts for show and tell next week? I'd love to see anything you might bring. It would be good to show to Jean and Valori too if the opportunity arises.

Sharon said...

Whoo hoo! Can't wait to see your TQS show! You're a star now - and you already have groupies!

I can send you some stuff. Probably too much!

I'm so jealous . . . I'd LOVE to go to Sisters. Just can't do it this year. I'll be here - pouting. I hope you have a super time!!

Gotta check out Pinterest. Looks intriguing. You've got some great photos.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Sisters sounds like so much fun! I hope you can fix the bleeding dyes. You'll be the hero of all the ugly duckling fabrics, turning them into beautiful swans!! Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment about my Cattywampus quilt over at Basket Full Of Scraps!

quiltmom said...

What a fun July you have planned_ Sister's Oregon would be so much fun- and you will get to see some great blogging friends.
In the meantime, have fun with your husband- it is nice you will have some time together.
If you send me your address, I will try send you a few strips- they won't be solids though- prints of some description.

Christina said...

Oh Tonya my fingers are crossed that we might see each other at Sisters! The Portland Modern Quilt Guild will have a special exhibit there this year. Let me give you my phone number if you'd like! Can't wait for a day of quilts and sun.

Michele Bilyeu said...

I go to Sisters every summer to see the quilt show unless I'm in Alaska caring for my mom. I'm back in Oregon, again...and I'm keeping my eyes open for you. I met Bonnie that way and Gwen and Freddy and Jean and Valori and the Gees Bend ladies and Marathon Cher and Life in General Doni and so many others famous and bloggers alike. Fabulous great fun besides the amazing display of quilts. Are you guys meeting in the park or anything like Bonnie has done in the past?

The Scrappy Bee said...

I no longer worry about my blog. I write (a lot) when I have stuff to share. I tried to do it more frequently too, but failed. So I decided not to be a failure but a selective blogger. LOL

Need to get more solids!! Feeling more inspired about them. LOve all the halloween fabrics.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Will send fabrics--as I seem to have a big bunch of you wouldn't believe it ugly stuff. Just email me the address

Lynda said...

When I had a problem with colour bleed I used Dylon Colour Run Remover, and it did just what it said on the pack!

Sarah said...

Thanks for a fun evening and the laughter was priceless! I'm so glad to meet you at last in person...every bit of what I imagined you be LOL

Just have as much fun and want to make Sisters or Bend your next new home?!

Willy Wonky said...

Wonderful meeting you in Sisters! I hope you'll post some pictures of that intriguing vintage quilt you got from Ann Durley, the dealer who had antique and vintage quilts under the tents. I feel badly because every time I see Ann, I have no money to spend. But I did get a wonderful goblets quilt on a red background from her last year.

Glenn Dragone said...

very nice work. I like your hand quilting. Not too many of us around!

Teresa said...

I LOVE Pinterest!!!! I keep a computer file of inspirational things, but sometimes lose who did what...this is a FABULOUS idea and the creator gets the credit. I requested an invitation...does that allow me to make a page or does that make me a follower on your (I want to do BOTH things!!).

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Love your blog and your quilts (who doesn't?). I look forward to following your future endeavors.
best, nadia

Lynda said...

Normally I would send you something, but since I'm a firm follower of Bonnie's, I use all my ugly fabric myself!

joe tulips said...

I am way behind in joining the party. Didn't see this post until a couple days ago. That is also good, you might know what you still want more of! Tell me what I could go work on....strips, letters or hearts. I can't imagine what you are going to do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonya!
I'm the one who won your book on Bonnie's giveaway and I just finished the first quilt I used it for. I've posted on my blog so I hope you'll pop over and see've got me so inspired I can't wait to make more words!
Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonya!
I'm the one who won your book on Bonnie's giveaway and I just finished the first quilt I used it for. I've posted on my blog so I hope you'll pop over and see've got me so inspired I can't wait to make more words!
Thanks so much,

Kim said...

Did you get what you need Tonya?

Also waiting to see your pictures from Sisters....sister!

Happy Sewing